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New Story - Synthesis · 11:12pm Nov 13th, 2019


When Wallflower Blush tries to take her own life, Sunset does the only thing she can think of to save her. By witnessing the entirety of Wallflower’s memories all at once, she hopes that part of her friend may live on within herself.

However, possessing the memories of two lives leaves Sunset doubting her own identity. Now that she's inherited the same memories and traumas that led to Wallflower's suicide, is she even the same person anymore?

Another suicide/self-harm story. Who saw that coming?

This one's a bit different than the previous, I guess. Whereas Last Light is a sadfest and Hollow is some weird sad/thriller hybrid, this story is gonna be a bit more slow-paced. As always, I have no friggin' clue where it'll end up--that's just how I write stuff.

Should I be finishing one of my other fics instead of publishing a new one? Probably. But I won't, because I'm a clod.

Go figure.

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Comments ( 2 )

Clods don't write skillfully feelsy fanfics. You do.

Wow, what a clod :rainbowwild:

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