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NEW STORY - Borderline · 9:19pm January 1st


Sour Sweet doesn't always feel in control of herself.

Happy new year, y'all \o/

I've had this story kicking around in my head for years now. I initially wanted to write a Sour Sweet fic for my long-time friend Csquared08, world's biggest Sour Sweet fan and world's biggest shipping hater. I dunno about you guys, but when I tried to find a good, serious Sour Sweet story on this site that starred just her, and that didn't involve shipping to some degree, I found very little. So I came up with this.

This story is really personal to me (I mean like almost all my fics are lmao but especially this one). For most of my life, I struggled with undiagnosed and untreated borderline personality disorder, and it was a fucking nightmare if I'm being honest. Every day was an exhausting flurry of wild swings between so many different feelings, and I was a total wreck all the time. I struggled with any interpersonal relationships, I was afraid of everyone all the time, and I really, really didn't like myself. I've written about those kinds of feelings here and there as part of my stories with Wally, but here, I really wanted to dive into what it felt like to live with such a difficult disorder prior to treatment. Cuz man, once I was diagnosed and got actual treatment for BPD, my quality of life shot through the roof. It's such a night-and-day difference that sometimes I can scarcely believe I'm the same person that I was back then.

So the idea here was like, okay, so, in the show, Sour Sweet is basically a meme, right? She flips from one emotion to another wildly, but the two emotions always seem to be "Haiiiii!! X3" or "I WILL BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN" with very little else. So I figured, okay, what if I expand that to a larger range of feelings, and more importantly, show what goes on inside someone's head that can cause such rapid mood shifts? Cuz that's a pretty common symptom of BPD, with all your feelings being dialed up to 11 while still being unstable enough that you can go from overjoyed to furious to hopeless and devastated within the span of a few minutes. So I did my best to communicate how that looks and feels, and I hope I did a good job. I'm pretty proud of it, and I hope you like it \o/

That's it from me for now. My next few stories that go up will probably be dumb collab meme fics on my girlfriend's account. But for now, happy new year, stay safe, and read horsewords 👏

Bless up for Sour Sweet \o/

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Comments ( 7 )

Good to hear from you again! Happy New Year, and I Wallflower Promise to read it!

\o/ Have a shiny 2024! \o/

I’m looking forward to this one

Oh hey, a story about Sour Sweet that takes her seriously, I am definitely interested!

(sees it's rated mature)

God damn it.

Unfortunately, it's hard to accurately and honestly write a story based on my experiences with BPD while keeping things within a T rating :/

I'm glad you got the treatment you needed.
May I ask what kinds of things you found most effective?

Once I am in a better frame of mind again, this is definitely getting a read from me! Happy new year to you!

(pulling reply double-duty from feed skim after a month or three away) also, belated SUPER CONGRATS on your 1000 days :D

ETA: the real joke is I never am in a better frame of mind... but I gave it a read anyway, and I thought and felt many things! Very well done.

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