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Find Me At Everfree Northwest!! · 4:14pm Aug 11th, 2023

I'm the girl in the Wallflower sweater with a green backpack! I made a bunch of cookies for all my friends so if you find my and say hi I'll give you some (they're chocolate chip and really good).

Also my panel with Gay For Gadot and Wanderer D starts in like... an hour?? So if you're at the con and checking fimfic for some reason, you should come to the writing room and check out out, 10:15 \o/

Bless up for sweaters,

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i would like a cookie please

If only I was there!

Ooh cookies! Now I'm even more sad I couldn't go. Any chance of pics of the Wallflower sweater?

Panel? Cool! Best of luck! I hope it gets put on YouTube.

I made a bunch of cookies for all my friends

You better be shipping 'em out my way :trixieshiftleft:


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