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Winners (Well, Close Enough) · 2:30am Oct 7th, 2019

So technically no one got it exactly right. However, two did guess the characters and Tatsurou was basically a hairs breath from dead on. The Dragon Warlock didn't actually guess what was about to happen but... he got the part he did guess right. For those who didn't know about their guess, I proudly announce that a one-shot clop featuring Spike, Rarity, and Gabby is being worked on diligently and will be finished written in two weeks. Edits... I can not promise a time on, since they're not really up to me!

I changed my mind a bit on their prize to make it better. They'll get paragraphs 3 and 4 and I'll drop paragraph 2 here for everyone, since it's a waaaaaaaaaay funner way to reveal the theme of their little party!

Two shadows appeared in opposite corners of the room in front of him, the one on his left summersaulted into a perfect split, a small bit of fabric above her waist fluttering as pom-poms were held high in a wide-V with her head between them, the other had taken to the sky with her own wings and flipped through the air before landing on one hand, the other kept just inches above the ground, the pom-pom almost tickling it as her legs spread wide above, the minuscule bit of fabric on her waist falling near her stomach thanks to gravity. Stage lights flashed on revealing the stars of the night in all their wonder and majesty.

By the way, this should have a nice little slice of story to go along with the... harder activities. So if you were hopping to get some fluff with your smut, good news. If not, have you even read anything I've written?

(The Cover Art on this one's probably not gonna be as great as usual. No one has like anything drawn with the three of them anthro, let alone Rarity and Gabby as cheerleaders.)

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Comments ( 11 )

well, I was half-right at least.

I was surprised anyone would not guess Rarity since well... All my other stories. You weren't even alone, more people guessed things without Rarity than with. The only two who guessed Rarity were the two who also got Gabby.

Ah, so cheerleader themed, huh? Very nice! This is going to be fun. There aren't enough good anthro Gabby stories out there.

I forgot completely to guess TBH. My bad. :twilightsheepish: But cheerleader themed Sparabby? Count me in!

Dance was like ultra super close...

Yeah I had a laugh about that.

You two should have a PM by tomorrow. I want to go back over what I have tonight before I send it.

Looking forward to it.

Well to play devil's advocate, the post did say that it was a pairing that had not been done, so knowing your track history one would assume an obscure Spike ship and Sparity is the complete opposite of obscure. I guess it's on us looking too hard and not thinking something more plausible--plus seeing Dragon Dropped should have give us the smoking gun. It could be similarly to TemepestSpike and MrWriterWriter's smash "I'll Show Yours..." after MLP the Movie was released...

....man I analyzed this a little too seriously, didn't I? :facehoof: And now I just realized this is the legendary Path himself, so I should have realized Spike and Rarity would be in it in some way or form...

I'm sure Pia-Sama can provide you with a good cover that is Spabby relatedness, though it's surprising that there haven't been any anthro images of Gabby by her yet. Come to think of it, I can't recall any Gabby the Griffon images by Pia at all...


Maybe a little, lol. But yeah, Spike and Rarity are kind of the guarantees around here, everyone else is more in the air. I want to write a Sparico at some point but I just don't see it happening yet.

But yeah with Dragon Dropped I'm amazed/disappointed no one has done it yet!

As for the the Pia-sama thing... that's complicated. The short version is I'm not feeling overly inclined to ask right now.

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