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How to get Medusa on the Equestria Daily · 5:43pm Aug 28th, 2019

So I've tried to submit my latest fanfic, Medusa, onto the Equestria Daily, because of one reason:

It's a revival of Lauren Faust's scrapped project from Sony Pictures Animation! It deserved to be known for everyone worldwide! Including Lauren Faust herself!

Her story got scrapped because it clashed with the creative direction another director wanted to take the story in. Sure Sony would say that Medusa is still in production, but after that fiasco they made with Spider-Man MCU, and their records of leaving Spider-Man films on cliffhangers, not to mention that Emoji Movie, which I quickly regret paying the tickets to watch, I've completely lost faith in them.

Anyway, so I went to The Writer's Group here on FiMfiction.net to get some help with the edits to make the story good enough to be featured. I've taken the video intro out of the first chapter, and I've submitted the story again, but here's what they said.

Unfortunately, your story still suffers from the same problems it did last time you submitted it. I see lots of editing mistakes just on the first page. It may have story-related problems later on as well, but if I have to send it back to you for editing anyway, there isn't a lot of point in reading through the whole thing yet. We'd need to see the editing addressed before we can get into the story. You may need to get outside help on the editing. There are groups on FiMFiction dedicated to that, but you do have to research it some. Not all editors are good ones.

So I'm asking everyone who is reading this, what do I do now? Where am I going wrong?

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Comments ( 4 )

Don't give up just yet. So maybe the first two times trying to get the story onto the site didn't quite pan out the way you hoped. If all they said was that the first page had some editing mistakes, I'd take a look just to see if any of the sentences are in need of any spellchecking. Even if you don't have your story onto the 'Daily' at some point, no sweat. You've got a strong enough fan base, who I'm sure if they were very persuasive toward the Daily themselves (Specially the head guys) then maybe they'll have to reconsider getting your story onto the site.

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with Sony.. I like their live action movies and SPider-Man ones, their animated movies are repetative, stupid, and.. they made the Emoji Movie.. but I loved Into the Spider-Verse a lot... so.. I'm 50/50 on them.

As for my advice, I wouldn't worry too much about getting it on Equestria Daily this soon.. focus on editing and developing it first..

According to me, the story is going well, only it is difficult to find inspiration. Writing is fun, but then we worry about it being perfect. But when we relax, it's when we do things better.
And being honest, I don't know if that group of publishers are good
You love to write and you love your story.
And if you have a Writer's Block, just ask those you know and who you trust.
Good Luck :heart: :twilightsmile:

I say who cares what they say. Keep going to the ending and let your reader decide what they like. Fan of your story, can’t wait for the next chapter

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