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    Click on the link, it is free to attend!

    One of them will be an interactive choose your own adventure story with Derpy which is a bold experiment that will almost certainly not turn out to be an enormous dumpster fire.

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    Shoutout for darf.

    darf is actively contemplating suicide and lives in Western Canada. If anypony knows them, or can provide any kind of support, please reach out to them. My only connection to them is here on Fimfiction.

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    Tag Wars!

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BronyCon and other things! · 4:16pm Aug 1st, 2019

I'm here! :pinkiehappy:

Party will be at the Hampton Inn, which is next door to the Hilton (the con hotel). Go West across the street then walk South along the curve, can't miss it. I'm in room 609. It will begin Sunday at 7:00 pm. (SEE IMPORTANT NOTE AFTER THE BREAK!)

Important note! I have a suite, but it is much smaller than expected. Even though we're missing some attendees due to it being a dead dog party, it will be tight. Do not advertise this party or invite people who are not Fimfiction authors or regular Fimfiction readers. You can share the deets with other Fimfiction authors. Also, it's BYOB because I won't have the energy to go shoppin' this year, but I suspect like last year there will be a lot of B BYO'd. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: At con you can find me at Pastel Pastures hanging out, or text me at 513-290-6836, or Discord @Trick Question#7897, or I'll be ponying the Golden Oak Bookstore in the dealer's den on Sunday at 3pm to closing.

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Comments ( 9 )

See you there!

We gonna get fucked up, fam

Sunday?? What happened to Saturday?

It has to be a dead dog party b/c too much is going on on Saturday. Plus I dunno if I can even fit in a small crowd this time. Room is way too small. We'll see.

I will bring booze!

See if I can come. Assuming I dont leave for a dinner. Hopefully the liquor store across the Marriott isn't lame and closes early on Sundays or something.

ill see what we have left.

4 cases of national bohemian have given their lives for this con already

I'll try to come by in a little while. Grabbing a bite to eat and I'll send a note when I head your way.

Heading your way!

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