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Disney refuses grieving father’s request to put Spider-Man on son’s tombstone to preserve character’s ‘innocence’ · 10:10pm Jul 7th, 2019


Over the years Disney has slowly become an evil and heartless complay, but this just takes the cake.

The company that literally made my childhood has lost all the magic and wonder that they once had.

Stan Lee is rolling in his grave...

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Comments ( 15 )

I was always skeptical about Disney, until now.


I’d put it to Disney that Clarence Nash, the original voice actor in Disney productions, was allowed to have one such prominent Disney character on his gravestone.

I’d like to hear Disney’s comment on that.

I've seen good points brought up on both sides of the issue, and while I may lean closer to the "It probably isn't the best idea and could have farther-reaching consequences" side, Disney worded their refusal in one of the worst ways they possibly could have.

At the very least, they're giving the family a hand-made custom celluloid of Spider-Man, so at least there's that. But at the same time... "preserving the characters' innocence"? There are a bunch of different excuses you can use that are arguably far more justifiable, and they go with that?

...This whole thing's quite a mess, to be honest.

Disney doesn't care about anything or anyone but themselves

To Disney.

Screw Disney

It truly is disgusting isn't it

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