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    Travel along Princess Celestia and her not-so-faithful student Sunset Shimmer to the land of sweltering heat, undiscovered temples and ancient beliefs! Oh, and sand. A lot of sand.
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095 Status update: Dune Goddess · 8:48am Apr 23rd, 2019

Hello everyone! Although I have been largely inactive for the past eight billion years, I did manage to do some good. Dune Goddess, a short adventure story about a magical mentor, Princess Celestia, and her not-so-faithful student Sunset Shimmer, has been reworked and updated to match certain standards.

Why would I fix something that was already okay-ish? Well, I wouldn't want anyone to have an okay-ish piece of printed literature on their bookshelves, of course!

Tales of the Sun is a hardcover collection of stories about Princess Celestia, among which you can find classics like Sunny Skies All Day Long or Princess Celestia Hates Tea and other fine tales - Dune Goddess humbly included. It is currently available in pre-order, and although "no preorders" is a good way to live in the world of video games, the guys from the Ministry of Image aren't no-names. They brought to life printed version of Past Sins, Anthropology and Background Pony, among others.

Basically, go there and buy the book, whether you're a fan of Princess Celestia yourself, or just want to get someone a nice gift. Maybe you'd like to introduce someone to the world of pony fiction? I know I have written my story with a mindset of making it available to people who aren't familiar with the universe. I think it works as a regular fantasy/adventure story, too.

For those of you who believe in perfectly balanced things, or just prefer sunscreen instead of sunbathing, there's also Tales of the Moon available as a separate publication.

I wish you all a good day! May the wisdom of Celestia light your days, and the cunning of Luna help you overcome the darkest nights.


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That's pretty sweet! Congrats, dude!

Thanks! I think I got rid of most of the typos that were in the original version too. ;)

Praise the sun \o/

May it shine over our heads and hearts! \o/

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