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Wherein Tumbleweed watches NEW PONE. · 9:11pm Mar 31st, 2019

First off, looks like INEVITABILITY made it to the featured box. Woo! (It's still there if you turn on your Mature filter, even. Guess people like butts more than they do weird metatext crossover fiction). Go figure.

And also, as a bit of a surprise, NEW PONE. That I only found out about 'cause PresentPerfect blogged about it. Blame him.

SPOILERS FOLLOW, if you are worried about such things.

One trip to DailyMotion later, and ... well, that was very, very silly. I think the writers & animators know the end is in sight, so they're throwing in as many 'why the hell not?' kind of gags in that they can. Though there were a lot of really fun little bits in there-- like the visual distinction between the various versions of the ponies-- not to mention that Sci-Twi does not have princess wings. Which makes one wonder what would happen if the likes of Principal Celestia got stuffed through the mirror, now.

(Vice-Principal Luna, on the other hand, would just go back to being fucking metal).

Also, Ragamuffin is the latest in a long line of waifu-stealers who continually get worse and worse. Though I at least think he was voiced by Rob Paulsen? IMDB is not helpful in this regard.

Also ... blonde hair, freckles, incomprehensible accent ... Rarity has a type, you guys. And again, in one of those little throwaway visual gags, all of her friends know it. I'm pretty sure there's at least one person on the animation/character design team deliberately screwing with us, at this point. And so, I offer a dramatization:

HASBRO GUY: "HEY! What the hell was up with that last special? Whaddya think this is, Steven Universe? Give the fashion pony a boyfriend already."

CHARACTER DESIGNER: "Whatever you say, boss!" *wink towards camera*

This is how cartoons are made, I understand.

Plus, y'know, Rainbow Dash dresses like a gay pokemon trainer. But I'm pretty sure she did that before?

So yeah. Anyone know how much crossover there is between the EQG writers and the 'main' show writers? As if this is any indication, S9 is gonna go freaking nuts. And I'm ... kind of excited about it? I mean, I'm kind of hoping the show goes out with a bang, y'know? Plus, I've got some vague ideas for yet another Flash Sentry Papers story, but I really need to see how the whole "Celestia retires!" thing plays out.

Though I may just be a sellout and write something Rarijack-ish and/or Feature-Box-Bait instead. Time will tell!

PS: if someone doesn’t use this to make an “I’m on a Boat” PMV I will be very disappointed.

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Comments ( 8 )

If you're looking for things to work into the Flash Sentry Papers, don't forget at the end human Flash came through the portal and met Princess Twilight. Presumably before being immediately pushed through the normal portal, but that could be something to use.

Author Interviewer

And so, I offer a dramatization:

Oh god yes, this whole thing XD


Presumably before being immediately pushed through the normal portal, but that could be something to use.

We have no evidence whatsoever this happened immediately.

In fact, we don’t have any evidence this happened at all – the only place this story can occupy in the chronology is between the movie and Season 8, there are no known EQG specials that have to follow, and Equestria has more than enough duplicate ponies already, so what’s thirty more between friends.

And it would explain how the Mane 6 have enough time for adventures while teaching.

5035983 And it explains Yakity Sax, at least if human Pinkie also took a bunch of trauma to the head moving through the portal!

You're suggesting some of the on-screen appearances from the mane 6 were actually their counterparts?

"Why is Twilight suddenly stupid? Didn't she learn this lesson, like, three seasons ago?"
"Eh, different Twilight."


But it would explain things! :pinkiehappy:

It's already on-screen canon that the Pinkies occasionally trade places.

Yeah, I may have taken that idea and run with it...

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