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The Big-Bang was an accident, I swear!

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    Votes closed TNQ results are in! // The state of the other stories.

    Hello everybody! How's everyone doing? :yay:

    Alright, let's jump straight to the good part: The votes for The Nameless Queen have been counted and the results are in! :raritystarry:

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    E-Quest-ria Character Sheet

    Name: Arch Queen Lysse.
    Tittle: Shade Arch Queen of the Cyan Hive. (Ulysses).
    Exp: 0.
    Level: 1.
    Combat: -1.
    Subterfuge: 1.
    Charisma: 1.
    Crafting: .
    Survival: .
    Sorcery: 3.
    Flight: -1.
    Power: Butterfly Wings. Can absorb and store magic in her wings to empower spells.
    Arcane Shot.
    Magic block.

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Going to surgery today, I'll need a week of recovery. (Updated) · 12:46pm February 19th

Hello, everybody!

Just a quick notice that I'll have to spend this week on a bed because of surgery so everything will be on hold for a while.

I'll see you all if when I wake up!


Hey, everybody.

I'm back home with some new tattoos :rainbowlaugh: The doctor gave me a 15 day recovery leave and since I can't stay in a sitting position for too long without feeling pain, I'll be late for those stories updates :applejackunsure:

See you all in 15 days then!


Report AniMun · 129 views · Story: The Nameless Queen · #Surgery
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Comments ( 6 )

Good luck.

Good luck! See you the next day! Xd

Sorry to hear it, man. :ajsleepy: Hang in there!

I'll be praying for you. May the Lord watch over and keep you.


Hey guys, thanks for the wishes. I'm back home now but it hurts to stay sit for too long. So I'll be taking a 15 day leave. See you all when I return! :twilightsmile:

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