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    Feeling better. Also, an interview.

    So my temperature is almost back to normal and I feel a lot better. Hopefully in a month or two I can get an antibody test and find out if that was C19 or just flu. Anyway, either way, doing better.

    I'm also going to be doing an interview for the midair pony faire on twitch. It'll be on Horizons, Homelands, and Worldbuilding in general.

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    C19, cons, and other stuff.

    So 2020 sucks. It just sucks. I'm sick with something and waiting on a C19 test. Hopefully it's just a flu or some junk.
    But there is something good happening on the 25th. Ponyfest Online is a discord con and I'm going to be holding an hour long discussion on character creation, evolution and development.


    and the website is

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    Ministry of Image Fallout Equestria print finished.

    Coming in at a whopping 9 books is all of Horizons. You can read it... prop up a leg of your bed... kill a caribou with it... Paper the walls of your house... have a yearly supply of toilet paper... the list goes on and on.


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    Bronycon meet up

    If you'd like to meet me at bronycon or get something signed I'll be holding court in quills and sofas (310) from 4:00 to 5:30 on Saturday. Look forward to meeting awesome people tomorrow.


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    Homelands isn't dead but it is on life support.

    I've written myself into a corner with homelands. It's been that way since April. On one hand I don't want the story to pad out any further. I want to get the characters to Roam for the next arc of the story. On the other, I want to avoid 'character X lives because of plot armor.' I'm hopefully going to find a way to make it work.

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About printings · 3:21am Jan 27th, 2019

There's a number of printed versions of Horizon coming out it seems. One group is doing it in sets, the other is doing it all at once. Generally if anyone asks me if they want to do a printing I'm cool with it. It's a really big hurdle. Neither, or both depending on how you want to look at it, are official. I can't really say anything for artwork or quality of either project. As long as it's accurate to the story, I'm happy with it.

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Comments ( 25 )
Wanderer D

Dude. Two words: Bronycon Bookstore

:raritywink: Also, how are you?

Who are these people and how do i smother them with my money

You should be insisting on at least a portion of the profits. It's your work afterall. I doubt anyone would mind a few bucks extra so you get your cut.

Most of the publications don't make any profit off these printings.

One already has them up for preorders over at Ministry of Image, the other likely contender is the same people who did FoE, Pink Eyes, MN7 and Duck and Cover: Absolutely Everything!, though nothing official has been said from them so far.

I'm just happy to hear from you and know you're ok with printings!

That has got to be frustrating. Even if they’re not taking profits then some permission should come from you for them to do it. Public domain or not, your moniker is on the work. You deserve to know what they’re doing with it.

Man put effort into it. He should get something for them using his work.

Books arn't free, in fact, they're very expensive. How these printings work is to get as many sign ups as possible to order the largest number of books to bring printing costs down. Also that implies these publications don't have a lot of work put into them. Do you have any idea how time consuming it is to not only proofread all of PH, but typeset it, have art drawn for it and finally the logistics of running such a project? The work that goes into these is not to be underestimated and the people who do it do it without pay as much as the author doesn't get paid for posting it on a fanfiction site.

Not gonna argue with you. Just pointing out that a artist generally gets SOMETHING for there work. Do it without permission (Somber is giving it true) is theft at the least. But it's good form to at least give the original artist something, if nothing else a free copy.

Doesn't that have a content rating limit? I'm pretty sure I remember something about that, but has it changed? An adults-only section or something?

Wanderer D

5003088 We'll say that Somber made it Teen rated. Let's see them read the whole thing in four days between all the stuff going on to prove us wrong!

That's exactly what we're doing; not everyone wants it, though. You wouldn't download a book, now would you?

Well, given that the orginal Fallout equestria got its own book, you should be proud your Story got it too.

Heh. I think that that claim might be a little hard to believe for PH. :)

Okay. Really hoping to see you again at Bronycon this year. Also hope that I get to sign some of these. :3

Making profits opens a can of worms, in that they could be hit with a C&D from Bethesda or Hasbro. They don't want that can opened. We don't want that can open. By making it a non-profit project, and donating proceeds, they can sidestep that can of worms by saying that this was a non-profit community project.

I'd say Somber pretty much revealed that FoE Print Project are also working on Project Horizons (though I can't know for sure). :trollestia: That said, I think there's a market for both editions. Some find the super-thin paper they used for the FoE 3rd edition too frail. And since they'll have different chapter art there are probably some crazy people who'll buy both.

I know that some past printing projects have offered the left-over money to the author and that they have declined. Instead, the money has either gone to charity or towards future projects.

Sweet finally we get FoE:PH, now for the big question...do I order only one version, or both versions?

i'm still trying to hold out hope that eventually Absolutely Everything! will do a print with the same artist from Pink Eyes and the later FoE prints some day (a splash page for each book / arc would be enough)... i'd actually tried to ask him a while back if it was something he'd even consider doing, but never got a reply, not that that actually means anything one way or the other.

If it does ever happen, i would love to get you to sign my copy, sir... Though i'd probably have to arrange to mail it to you (with money to cover return postage), since i can't do conventions, if you wouldn't mind something like that.

It's illegal to profit off of fanworks. A for profit story would get a Cease and Desist letter as fast as it's found out, a court case if it's not found out till afterward. You want Somber to get something for his work, find a way to donate to him so he can keep writing whatever he wants.

The book printers are doing the same thing fanfic writters do they're working on a project of passion that makes them no money directly. The only people who possibly profit are the people who sell their copies on eBay at a mark up at $220 for a printing that cost them $80. Those people are the ones in the wrong.

I know Ministry of Image is doing the first two volumes in three books what's the other one?

Exciting to hear that there are multiple versions happening rather than just the one that's been announced so far.

And as you say, hope you'll be able to make it to Bronycon. (And I hope I can too.)

Oh there are definently sone crazy enough people to get both!


Making profits opens a can of worms, in that they could be hit with a C&D from Bethesda or Hasbro.

Lol yeah, let's make sure we're passing on due rewards to the people who did the actual work to bring us this product.

That list begins and ends with you, right?

(Also, TIL that I could have saved $50 and gotten a print of Background Pony with actual cover art, and that suffers slightly less from lack of a dust jacket. :applejackunsure:)

and that comes with them having to publicly admit that they read it. They'd have to admit they read pony fanfiction.

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