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  • 8 weeks
    Been a while...

    Hi folks. How are you doing? Been a while. I like to imagine in the great solar system that if FimFic I'm some trans-Neptunian object that only occasionally comes into view intermittently before wandering out to the cold antipodes of space to which I belong. Personally life has been the same. Some original writing. Glacial progress on Homelands, but its not dead. I'm going to be at EFNW in

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  • 73 weeks
    Feeling better. Also, an interview.

    So my temperature is almost back to normal and I feel a lot better. Hopefully in a month or two I can get an antibody test and find out if that was C19 or just flu. Anyway, either way, doing better.

    I'm also going to be doing an interview for the midair pony faire on twitch. It'll be on Horizons, Homelands, and Worldbuilding in general.

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  • 74 weeks
    C19, cons, and other stuff.

    So 2020 sucks. It just sucks. I'm sick with something and waiting on a C19 test. Hopefully it's just a flu or some junk.
    But there is something good happening on the 25th. Ponyfest Online is a discord con and I'm going to be holding an hour long discussion on character creation, evolution and development.


    and the website is

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  • 97 weeks
    Ministry of Image Fallout Equestria print finished.

    Coming in at a whopping 9 books is all of Horizons. You can read it... prop up a leg of your bed... kill a caribou with it... Paper the walls of your house... have a yearly supply of toilet paper... the list goes on and on.


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  • 112 weeks
    Bronycon meet up

    If you'd like to meet me at bronycon or get something signed I'll be holding court in quills and sofas (310) from 4:00 to 5:30 on Saturday. Look forward to meeting awesome people tomorrow.


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Ministry of Image Fallout Equestria print finished. · 5:46pm Nov 17th, 2019

Coming in at a whopping 9 books is all of Horizons. You can read it... prop up a leg of your bed... kill a caribou with it... Paper the walls of your house... have a yearly supply of toilet paper... the list goes on and on.


In case you're wondering, I don't actually get any of that, and I think they print at cost.

Hopefully I'll get a copy. I can give it to my mom. She promised me she'd read any book I wrote so long as its in print.

...maybe not mom.

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Best of luck, Somber! You do great work! As such, it was an honor that you gave permission for me to use Scotch Tape.

I want a book! I love your stories

I bought the entire set Somber. Mostly cause I love your stories, But there really is nothing like reading a real paper book. The set I bought I love. The paper is rather nice, but not ultra-thin like some of the printings of FOE, so I don't really feel the need to be ultra-careful while turning pages. The font is easy for me to read and isn't too small of a font.
Now for next goal...to hopefully one day get them signed.

Can confirm that it is big. It is currently holding down my bookshelf from tipping, and I'm still waiting for part 5 to show up. Totally worth it. I just wish you got something for it.

Good to see Horizons get a book release, I would get it for Christmas if I didn't get the original FOE.

Damn but if that dead tree isn't meaty.

Black's a good cover colour, though a stripe of red or white wouldn't be remiss ;D

Author Interviewer

holy shit, dude

Congratulations, and good luck! :D

Very nice. Wish you hot a bit though. Gonna have to think on getting it soon.

Ordered it a bit over a month and a half ago.
Still waiting for Belpost to send it / US customs to clear it.

Gotta be one big boy of a package.

wuuuut.. is it limited edition? i'd love to buy it buut.. if someone discovered that i bought something mlp.. i would be screwed ;c however if it'll be aviable in January then.. maybe..

maybe for christmas I will think to it but the whole collection will take a big place in my chamber and all the 5 book don't look to be stealthy.

Well MLP and Project Horizon there is some differences like all the horror, violence and all the rest you can't really compare to it.

...maybe not mom.

Dude, I've met your mom. N-no. Please don't.

I have already the first five books (volumes I-III), been waiting for last volume to come out so I wouldn't have to pay twice for shipping... now though I'm thinking about holding out another month so I would get the last books on/near holidays. Super happy at the thought of having my most favorite novel in solid, physical form^^

well. don't get me wrong but if it was more like mlp i wouldn't read any FoE fic ;v. i mean.. im just FoE fan.. but for other people.. who don't know anythin' about it.. for 'em there are ponies so its my little pony so ur brony so go kill yourself or be socially marked fuckup.. :(
true story.

is it that bad? xD
or i don't want to know..
anyway.. PH was finished like 4-5 years ago? and she didn't read any of it.. lol.

I'm agree with you cause it's for this I don't tell to my friends and my family that I reading this awesome story cause they might not understand that it's completely different of what they think it's

Damn! Congrats Somber, that's incredible, it's not only impressive that you wrote so much, but that it's also good (also shit I need to go back to reading it).

Finally! I've got the first five books already. Found out while I was at Bronycon that those five weren't the whole story like I thought they were, heh.

Also, unless your Mom is really into stuff like Fallout and whatnot I don't think I'd show it to her. Certainly not showing it to mine, lol.

This does put a smile on my face...

Congrats on the printing

Hopefully I'll get a copy.

Why wouldn't you? I mean, you wrote it, its like a rule.

I can give it to my mom.

On her birthday. Along with a card that plays this


i remember when project horizons was not evin done it was on equestria daliey i sure as hell remember when it showed up on here September 1 2015 and ended august 2 2016 i remember cause i read the whole damn thing as it updated evin the double and triple uplodes .damn im only 19 but i feel a lot older thinking back to those days hell i remember when i first got into the fandom before session 3 when everyone was making changeling fics and twilight being immortal because of the elements and shit like that

OK just because I disappear for a couple of years doesn't mean I wanted to miss this.

This is very impressive and inspiring... I hope you get a copy for yourself, I know I would want a copy of any book I wrote for sure...

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