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I'm Sheena. I write mostly angsty teen lesbian romantic dramedy, a few AUs, and sometimes porn.

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  • 4 weeks
    My Dad is Dead and I am Not Okay (but I think I will be eventually)

    a central driving plot point is scootaloo’s inability to process the grief of the death of a parent.

    and I awoke this morning to my mom calling me and telling me that my father died last night.

    the last few chapters were going to really get deep into this theme, and go into her backstory to explain her motivations in more depth and detail. that was the plan. and now that plan is ruined.

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  • 8 weeks
    I Got In A Car Accident But I Am Okay

    Hey guys so I know I said the next chapter is almost done but it’s gonna be a bit delayed because well read the title. I kinda got in a car accident. A speeding Ford came out of nowhere and slapped my ass and called me sally. and also it destroyed my car. and also it almost destroyed me. the air bag punched me in the sternum and I had to literally crawl my way out of the car. It’s dead. totaled.

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  • 103 weeks
    I hate gen 5...

    ...on principle.

    I do not care about the new series. I do not care about the new characters. I will not acknowledge it. I will not reference it. It will never affect anything I write. That is all.

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  • 120 weeks
    Oh How Time Passes

    I haven't written a goddamn thing, oopsie

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  • 160 weeks
    Update August 2020

    Hey all. I've been having trouble surmounting writer's block given the nature of covid quarantine. I got exposed again this month. I think I'm fine but god is it stressful since my health insurance is predicated on my father's heroin sobriety and the mobile app he's developing (a fitness based social networking site if anyone's curious) getting completed and making sales. If I get sick I am

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Progress Update: January 2019 pt II · 8:22am Jan 24th, 2019

Guess who just got victimized by ~identity theeeeeft~
I got $770 dollars in my bank account that I can't spend until they send me a new card because I had some weird transactions somehow paid with my card in New York... I live in Indiana. I've only in the past year bought things online from Steam, my phone service, World of Warcraft, the Dollar Shave Club, Comcast for my internet bill, and a Californian indie band album via Paypal, so unless those fuckers stole my card and went to The Bronx to buy sandwiches [the fraudulent transactions were like $5 at some restaurants], there's literally no reason this should've happened other than I think my company fucked me over by accidentally giving a carbon copy of my card to someone else and just didn't split accounts.
So anyways now I've gotta deal with paying for shit until they send me a replacement card or checks. Luckily my family is understanding and agreeing to pay for things until then so progress shouldn't be halted. Just thought I should let y'all know though in case it does because S T R E S S.

TFW You Find Your Crush's Nudes [which is considering a name change] is top priority currently just because it's probably the most integral part of this current act of the complete chronology. Chapter 9 is underway with the next half dozen or so chapters roughly outlined. I'll be adding and cutting so that number may change as time goes on. There will roughly be 16-18 chapters total and an epilogue, plus a oneshot standalone direct sequel. I have also begun a draft for the first chapter of The Dragonbourne Supremacy which is also a direct sequel. But I know exactly how the rest will go. All I need to do is put it down, pace it out, fill it up, prettify the text, and produce a satisfactory product.

Project: P^3 is a sequel to The Dragonbourne Supremacy but will be standalone despite minor spoilers. The reason it's even on the table is, if I'm being perfectly honest, as much petty ass spite against the bigoted assholes who bawwwed over my Sparity clop being allegedly PC (because I said that Spike has a dick and Rarity has a vagina in as few words as possible) as it is me being gay as hell and wanting to write the Mane 7 going to an LGBTQ pride event because it's a situation I haven't seen explored (partly because most writers here seem to be cishet dudes) and it's one I find a lot of possibilities for shenanigans and drama. So if people had a problem with my clop they're sure gonna have a problem with this. On that note, Spike's Cumming of Age is currently delayed because I have no inspiration for the next sex scene. Yet.

The Beach House has three chapters ready and two more in the works... but alas they're not the immediate next chapter to be published. It's on the back burner existing mostly as a palate cleanse.

The Breakfast Club project is getting chipped away at but is nowhere near publish ready yet.

An as of yet untitled Twidash smutfluff is gently in the works. It's separate from the EqG universe and is literally just humans. But it's gon be gud.

Supernova is also being worked on, don't worry.

Dusk's Dawn is half complete for the first sequence of chapters but still not close to publishing. Oh well.

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