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I'm Sheena. I write mostly angsty teen lesbian romantic dramedy, a few AUs, and sometimes porn.

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    My Dad is Dead and I am Not Okay (but I think I will be eventually)

    a central driving plot point is scootaloo’s inability to process the grief of the death of a parent.

    and I awoke this morning to my mom calling me and telling me that my father died last night.

    the last few chapters were going to really get deep into this theme, and go into her backstory to explain her motivations in more depth and detail. that was the plan. and now that plan is ruined.

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    Hey guys so I know I said the next chapter is almost done but it’s gonna be a bit delayed because well read the title. I kinda got in a car accident. A speeding Ford came out of nowhere and slapped my ass and called me sally. and also it destroyed my car. and also it almost destroyed me. the air bag punched me in the sternum and I had to literally crawl my way out of the car. It’s dead. totaled.

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  • 104 weeks
    I hate gen 5...

    ...on principle.

    I do not care about the new series. I do not care about the new characters. I will not acknowledge it. I will not reference it. It will never affect anything I write. That is all.

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    I haven't written a goddamn thing, oopsie

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    Hey all. I've been having trouble surmounting writer's block given the nature of covid quarantine. I got exposed again this month. I think I'm fine but god is it stressful since my health insurance is predicated on my father's heroin sobriety and the mobile app he's developing (a fitness based social networking site if anyone's curious) getting completed and making sales. If I get sick I am

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I hate gen 5... · 10:41pm Sep 25th, 2021

...on principle.

I do not care about the new series. I do not care about the new characters. I will not acknowledge it. I will not reference it. It will never affect anything I write. That is all.

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This is probably the most straightforward and iconic post I’ve ever seen

I kind of lost faith when I saw a clip of them wearing this stupid rapper glasses. It was already feeling a little too... trolls 2 to me before that point, but that was a distinct, "they don't care, cash grab" indicator if I've ever seen one

The moment it flashed by on the Netflix screensaver made it painfully obvious that since Faust and crew have nothing to do with it, and on aesthetics alone, everything about it is explicitly designed from the ground up to be a cash cow. The art design isn't built around freedom of expression and animated fluidity like G4, it's about being as marketable as possible with as little stylistic variation as possible. Twilight S1-3 you can tell from first glance she's an introvert because of the Hime cut and her analytical gaze and S4+ she's got wings too so you can clearly tell she's kind of a big deal and obviously the protagonist, Rainbow Dash you can tell she's a rough & tumble tomboy with a penchant for mischief, Pinkie Pie you can tell she's a big ball of concentrated happiness and glitter and energy, Applejack you can tell she's a standard country girl, Fluttershy you can tell she's very reserved and shy, and Rarity you can tell she carries herself in high esteem and regal aesthetics. These new ones I literally can't recall a single detail about any of them other than "it's a colorful horse". Sure, maybe Twilight has some neurotic tendencies and crippling insecurity, Rainbow is entrenched in fandom subculture and also the military, Pinkie has chronic depression, Applejack has pride issues stemming from the traumatic loss of her parents at a young age and the subsequent need to become a mom to her little sister, Fluttershy is capable of spite malice and rage but chooses to be kind even to the point of becoming a detriment to her own health, and Rarity is a workaholic obsessed with pleasing people in order to rise above her own inhibitions, and they're all complex characters beyond the simple visual design because judging things by their surface aesthetics is shallow and stupid (consider how every single person in this fandom probably felt about G4 upon first exposure). But I seriously doubt that we're gonna have that level of character in the new gen. The songs will be commercialized garbage, the writing will be at best boring and at worst cringe, the animation will be heartless, the storyboarding cookie cutter, the voice acting will be passable and nothing special, we won't have the DBZ level anime fights, and any overarching narratives will be so pointless and empty that they might as well not exist. I know this because this is 2021 and that's just how animated television is gonna be from now on. MLP, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Regular Show, TAWo Gumball, Star vs the Forces of Evil, TMNT, OKKO, She-Ra, Ducktales, even Bob's Burgers, Archer, and Bojack: they're all over or ending. And everything on the horizon is just so goddamn depressing to look at. Souless reboots, inferior remakes, unwanted sequels, commodified licensed garbage, and filth. The Owl House is the literal only animated tv show of value and soul in sight, and corporations are killing it because it's got lesbians. It's such a sad state of affairs when ANIME has a better lineup.

In any case I suppose this is the absolute best time the strike can happen, when nothing good is coming from the states OR CANADA.

*claps* beautiful.

My sister watches it 24/7 (she's 6) and the plots feel contrived, the dialogue is boring, and the overall feel of it is, like you said, a cash grab.

Oh my goodness I saw that. It was despicable.

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