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State of the author (—'s nose) · 9:42pm Nov 30th, 2018

Good news: A turn for the worse made me realize that the over-the-counter stuff wasn't actually working made me go see a real doctor a few days ago. He basically listened for two minutes, knocked lightly on my head and cheek, and said: 'Yup, that's a bad sinus infection, alright.'

Got a antibiotics prescription without any fuzz, and I'm rapidly getting better. Most of the pain is already gone, and just such a simple thing as being able to eat hot & cold stuff without feeling like screaming has been darn near heavenly.

(Or being able to sleep, for that matter. Ugh. Yeah, it got that bad.)

The bad news: I... uh, seem to have misplaced almost my entire November. It's just this sorta blur.

I've gotten a little writing done... but yeah, goings been slow, and thought you guys deserved an update given how busy December tends to be.

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'tis amazing what a good antibiotic can do. I hope you have a good holiday season!

That pretty much sounds like my experience with sinus infection a month ago

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