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    Happy 20th anniversary, Lord of the Rings. Stories, anyone?

    Sweet Celestia I'm old.

    What are your favourite LotR crossover fics here on fimfiction?
    I still remember 'The White Rider', an amazingly written fic that sadly was never finished.

    Anyway. :b

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    Next Generation? Oh yes please.

    Must say I loved the movie, it gave a shitty week a wonderful end and I still have the fuzzies 20h later. That hasn't happened in a very, very long time. Watched it with my kids and other half, and we had a blast. Characters are great, the music is good to great and always fits, the jokes landed. References and also themes that will go over most kids' heads but are satisfying and often funny to

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    Six years and a day ago...

    ...the one thing happened that made me write my first fimfiction story, Northland.

    TThe Last Pony on Earth
    One day, Earth. The next, everyone is gone and I'm a pony. What the heck is going on?
    Starscribe · 105k words  ·  2,025  82 · 24k views


    I got a a really nice comment on it today and now I feel both happy and sad.
    At my current pace the next chapter of Northland should be out at about May 2025. :ajsleepy:

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    The iPone has arrived - and people are spontaneously combusting

    I think the new pones are ridiculously cute, and a smartphone (regardless of how it works - we're officially in the far future after all) with a hoof-indent for better, uhm, handling is peak adorable. That's got to be one of the next inventions in the Track-Switch verse, for mankind's ongoing quest to become more accommodating to ponykind.

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    Not dead, new story, lots of coffee

    So, yeah, I'm not dead.
    I had a really, really shitty time that recently ended with me losing my job, which I hated.

    Apparently that sudden freedom was what was needed to lift my writer's block and I wrote a new story, that may or may not be a one-shot.

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Train Pony · 12:06am Nov 18th, 2018

Turns out that ponies will sometimes want to go for a train ride (accompanied by their human handler, but still). As it seems, the Welsh rail workers haven't got the memo on how to treat Equestrian ambassadors yet. It is hoped that timely intervention by the British government will avert an inter-dimensional incident.

Comments ( 6 )

I hope the onboard amenities are up to Equestrian standard.
Yes, I'm talking about the toilets...

Huh, dont that just beat all. Haha

Arriva Wales takes equality very serious.
The rolling stock over there is from the late sixties to early seventies... they aren't even up to human standards. :trixieshiftright:

Sounds like the non-metro Westrail line (old diesel electric locomotives on country routes) that I took a couple of years back in Western Australia.

The toilet was a modified latrine over an open hole.
A seat without the 'S bend'.
So it flushed, but you could see the track racing by underneath you.
Don't want to walk those tracks, eww...

Oh i remember that kind of train toilets from the eighties in Germany as well.
As a kid I found it endlessly fascinating that you could see the rails... many long minutes spent flushing to watch that. ;)

I guess the reasoning was that a normal travelling speeds, the stuff would be pretty much atomised when it hit the track bed. I imagine the underside of the carriages being rather disgusting after a long day in tat kind of 'mist' though. Typical trainee job to clean that before maintenance, I guess.
There was also a sign of 'Please do not use while train is at station'.

Those trains were retrofitted or taken out of service with the advent of locomotives reaching speeds above 180 km/h (110+ mph). Too much air pressure build-up when passing an oncoming train led to mishaps when flushing at the wrong moment... :pinkiecrazy:

Ah, railway stories.

There was also a sign of 'Please do not use while train is at station'.

ROFL yes. I forgot about those signs !!
Born in the 80's and trains were quite different.

Heh. A 180km/h air curren would create problems. I assumed that the more hygienic system was just 'getting with the times'.

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