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The March To 500 · 10:04am Oct 1st, 2018

(Probably bad timing on this but hey).

The Untrotted Path is just shy of 500 upvotes. That's super cool of all of you guys and I'm really happy it's so widely read and enjoyed!
As a little thank-you I thought I'd run a little special.
As is fairly standard for this type of thing, I'll be accepting Questions and the cast will provide answers to the best of their ability while avoiding spoilers!

Sound like fun?
Either write them here or on the Discord.
When asking a question of a specific character, please indicate their 'verse of origin.
Examples; "For Path!Sunset", "To Tales Twilight", "Hey Absinthe".

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Comments ( 7 )

To Sunset of The Untrotted Path, what are your feelings towards Cadence? For you seem a might like... lovers? Really good friends? Frienemies?

To Tales!Fluttershy: So, what headline were you thinking for this when all's said and done? :raritywink:

T!Fluttershy: "There's nothing I can write about Eclipse Day that won't hurt the ponies returning from exile, or get me and my friends in trouble. If I write anything it'll be retreading old paths- about foals being forced to work in factories. As you can imagine, I have a personal stake in it."

P!Sunset: "As Betty would put it, I'd sooner stick my tongue in the southbound end of a northbound buffalo than in Cadance's mouth, so get that out of your head. I don't like her, but I've been unpacking that and I've realized that I'm the reason that I don't like her. I've made "coparenting" Twilight harder than it needs to be these last five years, and I can only imagine what it's been like for Twilight."

To Sunset of The Untrotted Path: Which, if any, pieces of magic do you regret teaching Twilight? I am sure she is a highly studious filly but there must be some lessons that she has either taken too far or gone in an unexpected direction on you.

P!Sunset: "Early on in her apprenticeship she thought chemical transmutations were boring and I'll admit the material was a bit beyond her. I still haven't lived down teaching her the flashpaper transmutation. Other than that I've regretted not teaching her more workings than I've taught her- she'll get it into her head that she wants to learn something and I'll either fit it into the lessons or I get angry ponies because she broke something teaching herself."

story just hit 500. also if I have time I am totally hitting up that discord.

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