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  • 69 weeks
    The meaning

    Luna Aeterna Solutae.
    Aeterna is the feminine form of the declension adjective Aeternus, meaning eternal, abiding, or perpetual.
    Solutae is the feminine plural form of Solutus, meaning unbound or free, mostly specifically in the form of being released from bindings.
    "The ever-free moon", or perpetually in a state of change or release.

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  • 71 weeks
    its been like a year and a half

    and im still upset about villain exchange program
    losing that badly- to some of the absolutely shittiest entries, who committed sins my entry was called out for to a far greater degree really fucked with me

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  • 91 weeks
    Reminder that love is a lie and friendship isn't real.

    That is all.

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  • 126 weeks
    Harmony is...

    Harmony is 5AM inspiration and me SCREAMING at the side of poor Krickis' sleeping head like some kind of nerd instead of sleeping.
    Harmony is feeling bad, unwanted, excluding and... support flowing out. People I've never spoken to, people I want to speak to more, people I wish I could be friends with!

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  • 127 weeks
    Beginning of the End.

    During my prewriting navel gazing this blog had numerous titles and the body changed a lot. It'll probably feel a little bit sloppy.

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Reminder that love is a lie and friendship isn't real. · 10:46pm Dec 21st, 2019

That is all.

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Whomst hurt you?

Nobody. It's just a fundamental truth of our world. Nobody associates with anybody else unless they get something out of the deal. Your brain produces chemicals that force you to see "friends" as "part of your tribe" which means everyone else is therefore an enemy and dehumanizes them.

Once ostracized, once outcast, there is no going back. You're always wrong or stupid at best, and people will always point out how wrong or stupid they perceive you to be, and then gang up with their "friends" for the chemical high hit. It reinforces the status quo.
If you point out how the status quo is bad and try to speak out against misogyny, queerphobia, or racism against anyone who isn't a WASP especially on this site you're labeled "an SJW", an other which makes you an acceptable target.

Comment posted by A.P.O.N.I. deleted Dec 22nd, 2019

You see life through a fractured pair of glasses, and you probably always will. This makes it very hard for you to know what other people are truly feeling about you, and even harder to know how your actions are perceived by others.

I don't know if it helps to hear this, but it isn't as bad as it feels right now. Best of luck.

Thanks for proving my point.

Comment posted by LtMajorDude deleted Dec 22nd, 2019

I know exactly how people feel about me. Your "friends" are very explicit with their opinions. I'm well aware that people talk about me and spread the most vicious lies. Yourself included. I did not attend the last BC because of you, and Shakes physically threatening me.
It's easy when not even moderators give a fuck or also hate me to the point of not doing much of anything about people saying the most vile things about me, or people stalking me, or generally finding the fact that I exist offensive.

Comment posted by Trick Question deleted Dec 22nd, 2019

I almost engaged with this comment on a legitimate level but it's just a huge example of what I'm talking about. I'm over it and am not going to allow abuse on my own page, where I can actually take corrective measures that the staff as a whole will never perform unless it means a permanent ban of myself for ???.
I know you're going to go bring this to your little minion group and have a nice chat about what a terrible awful person I am for not wanting people to talk shit and make up lies about me behind my back. But still, I hope that you grow up soon.

May the road rise up beneath you, and the sun be always at your back.


That joke aside, there is friendship and love in this world. There will be those who will keep their doors and arms open for you, you just have to find them.

What's the difference between the truth and a lie? Is reality as real as we think it is, or only how real we make it? In the end your perception is what matters, and that's something you can choose to change.

There's a lot of truth to be found in a lie, and a lot of lies to be found in the truth.

If I believe friendship and love are real, does the truth being different change what I get out of it? If I believe I'm giving my all, is that not the same? And if I can do it, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

If the explanations for why these happen beyond their pure purpose weren't the case. Could it happen anyway? If they did, would it then not make a difference whether the purpose was pure or not?

It’s a matter of perspective really , I’m sorry for whatever happened in your life that makes you see things like that.

Comment posted by RoyalBardofCanterlot deleted Aug 6th, 2020

Fuck off and go write more child porn nobody asked you?

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