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  • 4 weeks
    A Forced Hiatus

    I was planning on making a summer retrospective blog when I had the time, and maybe put out a few reviews on some of the many horse books I’ve accumulated throughout the pandemic. I’m almost as behind on those as I am with revising my to-be-printed works and writing my ongoing stories.

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  • 6 weeks
    Two Gay Things, Two Not Gay Things

    This is a quick blog from a slightly more productive place than I had been last time. Perhaps I'll update y'all more on that relatively soon, or I'll wait until I can quietly throw something, a proper update or two, together and get them fucking published. It has been absolutely maddening to be as deep in a slump I've been these few months and for my summer break to have been almost

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  • 16 weeks
    Another Art and Writing Update Blog (or, I Have an OC Now)

    I promised a blog showing off art. It is about time I deliver on that. As the title says, one of these is an OC/ponysona/whatever the cool kids call them. There aren't any spectacularly big spoilers in any of them, though I'll just throw it out there that there are some original characters and the like. Check them out below the break. At the very end of showing off the pretty pony pictures that

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  • 16 weeks
    Go read this thing or I shall claim your spleen

    Today is the birthday of my friend Curify. He released a wholesome story about the miracle of birf and discussing a variety of other tasty snack foods.

    You can trust me.

    TBabe, Why Is She Saying That Word?
    Flurry Heart learned a few new words that Shining is way more worried about than Cadance.
    Soaring · 5k words  ·  147  7 · 1.9k views
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  • 19 weeks
    Forever Mare Update

    Forever Mare has been newly edited and revised for print. This includes new content and corrections too. The old, shorter version is still accessible through Missing Pages. Having this new version out has also made it a great chance to release the sequel that I have had in my project backlog. Check it out below!

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t o m o r r o w · 2:11am Sep 29th, 2018

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Secretary Sombra. <3

Your work inspires me to write something on here finally. But I'm not sure what do. Will continue to read horse words until it comes to me. Or I find it and drag it screaming out from whatever hole it's hiding in. Keep up the great work!

well, thank you! :D

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