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Fluttercheer News: Stories about Silverstream, Nightmare Night, The Weak Start of Tempest Shadow's Journey, Addressing my Ko-fi page situation, Derpibooru Author Tag + Userlink and "Fluttercheer's Word of Wisdom" · 11:11pm Sep 25th, 2018

As a few of you have probably noticed, I am finally back in the writing business proper since Sunday, after three months of basically zero output courtesy of depressions that let my writing tempo slow down to a crawl. I have finally released a new story that I had promised for a long time now (I will talk more about this one below, for those of you who wonder about the weak start of it) and after this time, I finally feel that I can actually write again and have my old energy for it back.
And with three months of abstinence from FIMFiction.net other than reviews and the occasional analysis about the new episodes, there is quite a bunch of news about me and regarding my writing that has piled up, so, here is a large blog entry to address and explain all the news I have.

First off, to start this with the most important news, there will be more new stories coming in October! "A Storm on the Horizon of the Arcane World" is only the first of a bunch of new fics I have planned, so for those of you who are worried about that, fret not!
Two of these new stories will be about Silverstream. I am itching to write about her since Season 8 started and I can tell you that it was torment having to wait because of my writing backlog and the crippling depressions I mentioned above. But now, I am finally going to write about her!
The first Silverstream story I am going to write will be a one-shot and will have Silverstream dealing with a problem that is quite unusual for her..... We all know that Silverstream is always curious and eager to explore new things she doesn't have underwater. She very much enjoys living in Ponyville, but, what if the unexpected happens to our adorable hippogriff and she suddenly has to deal with homesickness?
The second story I will write for her will be a multi-chapter story. Unlike the first one, it will be a silly and comedic story, that centers around Silverstream's curiosity to explore everything that Seaquestria doesn't have, which, of course, is going to result in lots of chaos and crazy moments! :scootangel: Stairs are only the beginning.....

So much for Silverstream, but this isn't all that is new on the stories front..... With the start of October approaching, we are also getting closer to Nightmare Night!
As you will know if you follow me since 2016 already, Nightmare Night is a holiday I love more than any other, because I have a faible for everything dark, scary, mysterious and supernatural. You will also know then, that I love to contribute to this spectacle of frightening awesomeness with horror stories of my own.
Last year, due to the rather traumatizing event that happened to me and that left me almost entirely incapable of writing, which I hinted at in my Hearth's Warming Eve blog entry as 2017 drew to a close, I couldn't write another horror story for Nightmare Night..... But this year there is going to be one again!
I don't want to spoil this one too much before the release, but it will be a multi-chapter, psychological-horror story that will get updated throughout October (and perhaps a bit into November, depending on the exact length) and it will feature a particular group of foals most of which you will probably not expect to see in a story. A group of foals who live in Manehattan and who have to discover that even Manehattan has dark and horrifying secrets, things that are most active at night.....
You won't have to wait long for this one, once October comes, this story will come (f̵͉͔̯̅̓̊̑̚o̵̶̶̥̰̲͕̲̗̥̐ͮ͌̔͛̓̂r̼̝ͬͤ̀͛̉͘͢ ̮̣͎̰̜̖͚̉̄͡ͅẙ̡͚͈̦̪̪̜͙̺̇̃ơ͎̼̍̒ͬ̂͑ứ͎̤̹͘), too.

This is it for new stories, for the time being. I already have plans for more stories that will come after October, but for now, these will be the next stories you can expect from me.
Now, on to a story that is already released..... A few days ago, I finally put out the prologue of my multi-chapter fic for Tempest Shadow, which I titled "A Storm on the Horizon of the Arcane World".
It's a story that is very important to me, because when I learned about Tempest Shadow's past, almost a year ago now, I also learned that she has quite a similar past like me. How her "friends" abandoned her "when times got tough", it is something I can relate to, as something very similar happened to me when I was about her age.
So, immediately when I saw that and realized how much of a soulmate she is to me and how much I understand her because we went through the same horrible experience, I knew I had to write a story about what happened to her after she left her village. The result of this, or rather, the start of it, is something you can see with my newest, released story:

Coming up with this title took a lot of time, as I generally suck with titles, and I am quite proud of the result, as it sounds a lot more epic and stilistic as I am usually capable of when coming up with a story title.
Now, I noticed that this story has only gotten very little views so far..... And I do, even though it's a bit of a punch in the gut right now considering the meaning this story holds to me, understand why it hasn't gotten a better reception so far.
What you maybe read until now, is merely a prelude of things to come. A simple prologue. In hindsight, I can see why this start of the story seems weak to many, as I am simply retelling events in it that everyone knows plenty from the movie already, but (even though I have to admit that I did not see it coming that the interest would be THAT low) I felt the need to give this story a proper introduction.
I could have started it with Tempest Fizzlepop crying alone in the woods, completely distraught over what has occured (which is going to be the beginning of the first real chapter, consider this a sneak peek), with only a few flashbacks of what happened as she recaps the events that brought her into this situation, and skip what everyone already knows otherwise.
But doing so would have felt incomplete to me, I wanted to show in detail what brought Tempest/Fizzlepop on this path, so I made the decision to describe the devastating events in my own words.
However, even with that in mind, I think I can safely consider the prologue as "optional". You can read it if you want, and I would appreciate it if you do, but if you should decide to not read it because you know all that is described in it already and see it therefore as boring, this is fine, too.
Even without reading the prologue, you should be able to understand the story, as the movie knowledge is literally all that you need for that and the prologue will have the only appearances of Glitter Drops, Spring Rain and Fizzlepop's/Tempest's parents, as well as her village.
The rest of the story will be set outside of her village, at various places in Equestria, then in lands and kingdoms both known and unknown that are beyond Equestria's borders. Some of which we have seen in the movie or the prequel comics, but there will also be others that I came up with (or will still come up with).
I could successfully identify the problem that causes the story's low reception right now, but I still have hopes that the interest in it increases once the story starts to delve into unknown territory next month.
So, if you want to skip the prologue and only jump in at the first, real chapter, just go ahead! Right now, it isn't very exciting, but I promise there will be plenty of new stuff in the form of epic adventures, mysteries, drama and tragedy coming, alongside the first meeting between Fizzlepop/Tempest and the Storm King (Who says the meeting seen in the prequel comics was the first one? Consider this another sneak peek.). so I hope you will check out the story again when it really starts next month.

With these three most important news out of the way, there are a few bits of smaller news left..... To start this, I want to address the situation of my Ko-fi page that I opened last year.
I have placed the link to it on my userpage right after I made it, but ever since then, I haven't received any donations. This Ko-fi page was mostly meant as a tip jar, as well as to measure how much interest or willingness is there already to support my writing with a bit of money, as I didn't (and still don't) consider myself ready and good enough to launch a Patreon account yet.
But with seeing how I have apparently not come far enough as pony author yet to receive support like this, or maybe simply not gained enough followers yet, I have recently decided to cease these efforts for the time being and removed the link from my userpage.
Seeing how this attempt turned out, I guess it might have been a little early to ask for financial support of my writing in such a blunt way. I will not close down my Ko-fi page or delete it and I will still sometimes link it in the Author's Notes under a finished story or a new chapter, however, I was probably a bit ahead of myself when putting a permanent link to it on my userpage, so I will go about this more slowly from now on while I keep working hard to increase my writing skills.

For a more positive news, I recently discovered that Derpibooru does not only offer badges and user links for busy artists, but for writers as well!
So I went and requested such a link for my account here a few days ago (you might have noticed a link validation code on the top of my userpage that was there for a few hours) and with that, my FIMFiction.net account is now linked to my author tag on Derpibooru!
There are a few fanarts for "Aunt Millie" on Derpibooru under my author tag, as well as one picture I've drawn myself for Chapter 4 of "The Strange Case of Dinky Hooves' Cutie Mark Curiosity", the cover art for it that DinkyUniverse drew for me and the cover art for "Wish for a Mother".
If you want to get notified about future art for one of my fics, if there is any getting made, you can now follow me also on Derpibooru by putting my author tag on your watch list:


Last, but not least, I have created a new section on my userpage. For a while now, I was thinking about creating a small section where I share some of the thoughts or epiphanies that go through my head from time to time when I think about various subjects, fortune cookie-style (but with more wisdom and practical use), to pass these along, as some of them sound quite useful.
This is of course not important for my writing and you can ignore it entirely if you are just here for the stories I have to tell (which is preferred anyway, I am an author, after all), but if you value an informative life lession here and there, you can find one (with irregular updates) in the section "Fluttercheer's Word of Wisdom" near the top of my userpage, right under the box for Petunia Paleo's group, now.

And with this, the news are all told. I leave you to process this information and will probably go and grab some food now. See you soon for more story updates and please give "A Storm on the Horizon of the Arcane World" a chance, I promise it will be worth it!
Fluttercheer, out.

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Hope to see Terramar in the Silverstream's stories, or at least in the multi-chapter story. I like to see how the two would interact as siblings and having him put up with her crazy shenanigans. I also look more forward to more of your Fizzlepop story, looks like it will be a good one.


Thanks! The reception is really low so far, so every reader of it counts twice as much!

And for Terramar, I can't promise him for either of the stories, as both will be set in Ponyville. But it is tempting to write about their sibling relationship, I will probably do this at some point. :heart:

Awesome! There is a noticeable lack of stories with him I notice so anything with him is good in my book. I have actually befriended his voice actor on Twitter and a great exchange between us happened here if you are interested.

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