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    New 2nd Person Fic

    I've been wanting to try my hoof at a 2nd person fic for a while now. Please let me know what you think! It stars everyone's favorite Kirin!

    ...also, I'm a shameless musical theatre dork and this fic feeds that quite a bit. ALSO, that's why Autumn Blaze is awesome. Cause who doesn't love musical theatre, amiright?

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    For Heaven's sakes

    Life's a terrible prankster...

    I'm about to graduate college, I got sick the other day, got cast in another play...

    Time crunch for life.

    Summer fast approaches though. More chapters will follow.

    Plus, I've been percolating a new story involving everyone's favorite Kirin... :ajsmug:

    Anywhoozle, just give me April, guys! I'll have more for you soon.


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    New Cover!

    The Return has got a new cover courtesy of Robsa990!

    Next chapter will be here soonish! School and life come first after all!

    Enjoy this fresh coat of paint!

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    Return's new chapter is live!

    The title says it all friends!

    A special thanks to Robsa990 for being editor-man this time around! He is literally the best and I owe him so much! He's even gonna be producing a fresh coat of paint for the cover art here soon! He's the man!

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    Preview of Rot7E Chapter 10...proof it still lives

    I'm sorry guys.

    I went to Maui over the Christmas break. I got sick in Maui and it still hasn't gone away...

    But I'm working on it.

    And here's a little sneak-peek for you: (A/N - Zander is the name of the zebra leader who found them)


    “There. Our camp is there.”

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Okay, so I reread all three 7th Element stories... · 6:57pm Sep 1st, 2018

...and I gotta say, I cringed quite a bit.

BUT I am up to speed and since an overwhelming number of you have requested it continue, I have decided to give it a shot.

I have a couple ideas of where it will go, but bear with me. It may take a bit to compile it all together into a tangible story that doesn't make me wanna cringe.

Those were simpler times...

OH, and also, I have decided to keep things as thought the most recent season of the show was season 3, so yeah...there may be a few slight retcons.

ANYwoozle, that's some good news, i'nt it? HUZZAH.

Love you guys.

Comments ( 8 )

Man, The 7th Element was the first decent-length story I ever read on this site, not long after I first joined the fandom. It was reading your story that really got me interested in MLP fan creations in general; Fics, Music, Art. I started browsing through everything. And Favoriting your story was why I made an account here nearly 5 and a half years ago.

I'll be brutally honest, after a few years and I got more adept at both writing and good vs. bad tropes in fanfictions, I found it hard to go back and reread the first story since, as you said, it's a little cringe. But if you're hoping to get things started again, I'd love to see what you come up with. Keeping things up to Season 3 sounds fine to me. A lot of the bigger stories out there (mostly ones that were started a few seasons back) never really take new canon events into account and sort of become their own AU at that point, such as any story that talks about the origin of the Elements before the canon discovery of the Tree of Harmony.

So good luck! As a writer who took a break then wanted to come back, I know the struggle, but just keep at it. Try to write at least a little each day, even if it's only a sentence, and you'll get there in time!

I'd probably feel the same about a story I wrote 6 years ago.

Even still, I'm glad I read it all those years ago because it was one of the stories that got me into fanfic side of the fandom. I remember feeling pretty sad when I saw that you were gonna go away for a few years, and I'm glad to see that you're still hanging around here.

Still, I can't wait to see what you decide to do with your story.

I wouldn't mind seeing it Deviate from the Cannon a bit, I mean just by you being there changes things even if they are minor in detail.

To see you up and about Thunderhawk is great, bud. It has been long since I’ve read 7th element, but I can still retell some points that happened, if it continued, that would be nice.:moustache:

You do what you gotta do, we're all behind you. Everything I want to say has already been said by Bpkyle777 below.

Look man, I get it. You hate your work from way back when. In fact, I have a special mind-reading scanner that translated your silent thoughts into this after you read the stories.

But honestly your stories were like this to us when we read them.

So I implore you, as a long time fan and reader, don't be discouraged. If you need to correct some things, have at it. Continue the story until it is finished. Far too many fall to the way side and let their stories rot, hence why I myself have yet to get one started. Cause at the end of the day, if you can finish the story for those that have stuck around after all these years, you'll be feeling like this.

Good luck, and remember, theres nothing saying you cant go back and fix up the older stories

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