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This Must be New · 10:36pm Aug 26th, 2018

Is this new?

Because if I had noticed this option before, I would've employed it for every story I've ever put up here.

I mean, look at the explanation!

Being able to just post a story and move on has always been the dream in the Fluttershyiest depths of my heart. No thumbs up, no thumbs down, no comments either good or bad: just ghost a story into place and be done with it. Has anyone seen this in use on the site? Will I be the first one?

Trail blazing!


Report Baal Bunny · 345 views ·
Comments ( 9 )

But how else will the unenlightened masses know that your horsewords are quality horsewords, if not by the upthrust thumbs of their peers?!? How can they reach out to you, the purveyor of said horsewords, if commentary is disabled?!? What you propose is utter madness, madness, I say! :pinkiecrazy:

See I like attention, so...

It's been around for a bit. A few weeks, give or take. And fair warning, if you disable comments, I will send you my praise via PM.

But you have good stories worthy of comments and upvotes. :fluttershysad:

I have a story I'm tempted to use this on, but I just... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. No energy, don't care right now. Maybe someday.

Site Blogger

It's been there a couple months; there are at least a few stories that have made use of them. Opting out of the heat system's really gonna hurt discoverability though.


It also seems:

Like it'd be against the ethos of the show, now that I think about it. If the whole idea is to "make some friends," taking extra steps to disable any possible interaction with the story's readers strikes me as a kind of the wrong way to go about things.

It's so tempting, though, to withdraw into my figurative little room and just push the stories out under the door... :twilightblush:


Damned shame it's not "Misanthropy is Magic," as that'd be ever so much more in line with your desire :rainbowlaugh:.

Of course, it's quite likely that such a show wouldn't have the following to make fanfiction much of an issue, and your subsequent withdrawal from interaction with readers would be significantly less, well, significant in turn :pinkiehappy:.


I like to say:

That Fluttershy has undergone more character development in the past 8 years than I have in the past 48. :scootangel:

Mike Again

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