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The Return of Currycombs · 6:06pm June 29th

After all:

What's 14 or 15 months between friends? :twilightsheepish:

So the first draft of next Currycombs chapter is finally finished. It's the big flashback you get in most of the Holmes novels, and it finally slaps the story into place alongside the rest of the Ponyverse. If folks wanna review the previous chapters so we'll all be on the same page, I hope to have "The Case of the Extraneous Equine" ready for release by Sunday or Monday.


Report AugieDog · 176 views · Story: The Casebook of Currycombs ·
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I'm already thankful for it that you continue this story at all. With the infamous trend of abandoning stories that so many follow here on FIMFiction.net.....

Though, EQG tag? Where did that come from? :rainbowhuh: Was that always there or is it a recent addition for a future chapter?

4891777 "It's quite obvious," stated Currycombs as she stood in the Faculty Parking Lot and gestured at the cryptic chalk marks that she had spent the last hour making. "Even a complete imbecile should be able to recognize the pattern."

"I don't," said Vice Principal Luna. "What I see is one of our students who is determined to make the fender-bender of my sister's Celica into some sort of--" She cut off when Silver gently touched her on the sleeve and shook her head.

"I think I'm starting to understand," said Principal Celestia. She nudged Silver Scalpel and pointed at where the young detective was prodding at the pavement with a plastic pair of tweezers under a huge magnifying glass. "Go ahead," she whispered.

Silver Scalpel cleared her throat. "Why, Currycombs, you've laid out the crime perfectly. I'm sure Principal Celestia will send the police to inspect Red Robin's Jaguar at once and find the matching crumpled fender."

"What?" Currycombs looked up from her close inspection of the pavement with a tiny fleck of chrome in her tweezers. "Why, Silver. Have you gone mad? This piece of chrome--" She placed the sparkling fleck into Celestia's outstretched hand "--is obviously from a pickup truck, weighted down to lower the point of impact. And as to the guilty party, that is plainly the teacher who borrowed Applejack's truck to take the old school piano home and restore it as a gift for her sister, and due to her inexperience with driving such a heavy load, managed to back into her own car and not even realize it."

"I... um..." Celestia glanced back and forth across the parking lot while biting her bottom lip. "Oh. That would..."

I'm very glad to hear you're continuing with Currycombs! I enjoy it immensely


Thanks, folks!

Yeah, the EqG tag's new--I probably should've waited till I posted the next chapter before I added it... :twilightblush:

Consider it a sneak preview, then!



Yeah, I'd expect something mundane like that from a case suddenly being set in EQG's universe. Looks like I'll get a chapter to skip here.



It's that a loose end from the EqG universe has entered Hevosenvalta... :twilightsmile:

Mike Again


So the chapter is still set in Equestria? That's good.

I share in the EQG dislike, but I do like Currycombs and Silver Scalpel enough to weather that tag.

This is very exciting news!

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