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Deadpool 2 Review. (W/ Spoilers) · 1:30am May 23rd, 2018

WHOO!!! God damn, Deadpool 2, baby!!! Before seeing this movie, I was afraid that it may fall victim to Sequelitus (like The Hangover 2), but man, I'm proud to say that Deadpool 2 IS a Worthy sequel and a must see for anyone that's a fan of the merc with the mouth! Filled with references, 4th wall breaks, and, of course, a ton of blood and guts that make the movie deserve it's R rating! I kinda want to explain more, but that'll be for the spoilers. If you haven't seen Deadpool 2, go and see it before you come back. For the others, Page break time!


Alright, The X-Force... I laughed my fucking ass off seeing them die! It's kinda obvious that this is more like a parody to a quick ensemble team, similar to Justice League, but oh man, not only did I not expect that to happen, but I welcome it! Especially Domino. If any of you ask, I was kinda dissapointed of the news that Zazie Beetz was going to play as Domino, not because of her record or ethnicity, but more on the line of how comic accurate Deadpool, Cable, and Colossus were to their comic selves. But I can say that Zazie actually nailed the role of Domino, even with a funny joke added as DP called her "Blacker Black Widow".

As for Cable, man, Josh Brolin's been killing it. First, the Mad Titan, Thanos, and now, the time traveling mutant, Cable. Cable was awesome in this, and his sort of friendship/hate to DP was hilarious to watch. If there's a Deadpool 3 coming out, I hope the two can become the modern buddy cop duo.

The kid, Russel, also known as Firefist, he was an interesting specimen. I mean, he may be foul mouthed, but he's just a kid. Cable attempting to kill a kid to save the future... it kinda reminded me of "Looper" and Terminator 2, which is probably what they had in mind. But oh man, I was like Deadpool when they brought in THE JUGGERNAUT In this movie! So much better than his X-Men 3 self, and an equally badass fight between him and colossus.

For Deadpool itself... I've heard how the first act was slow, and was a bit prepared for that... but truth be told, it didn't feel so slow. Nope, it was hilarious. First minutes had me laughing as they made Wolverine's death in Logan (the scene that made me cry hard in theaters when I saw it), into something I laughed hard. And it was a bit sad to see Venessa die, since the two had a very strange, but wonderful relationship... even if it was followed by a well made 007 opening spoof with opening credits that reflect what we all thought upon seeing that. And we get to see the X-Men a bit in the mansion as he rides around Xavier's wheelchair... kinda hope the next X-Men movie will include Deadpool, even if he's a background character. But man, the end credits... DP traveling through time was hilarious to see; saving Vanessa's life, killing his fake self in X-Men Orgins: Wolverine made me laugh hard, and killing Ryan Reynalds before he shot Green Lantern. DC's been getting it rough these past years.

Now, I know I'm probably missing some stuff, or this is just me rambling on, but I just saw this a couple of hours ago upon writing, and will most likely be seeing this again, maybe with my mom, or when I have more cash. But for now... I will try to get back to D.i.E., include some bits of DP2 for Equestria's new X-Force (without any of the students dying, of course), and... well, cue the music.

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Comments ( 6 )

I am surprised at you man. Deadpool mentions Ponies... specifically Pinkie Pie and winks at the camera. How the hell could you have forgotten that. Man I trusted you!:rainbowlaugh: I actually laughed went "HA!" and then silently "I saw what you did there! Sure memory can be a bitch, I have a horrid one, but honestly I still remember that scene. I saw it opening day with my friends

But honestly man, considering you seem to be crossing over DP with Ponies I am surprised you didn't make note of this in your blog!

Yes I agree. If you can weird out and confuse even Deadpool... you have so much going for you. Peter was not what the movie needed, but he definitely was what it deserved.

im kinda torn on the movie on one side it is alright on the other i absolutely hate it

I completely clapped when DP killed Barakapool, that was perhaps the most heroic thing Wade had ever done, in addition to saving Russell of course.

When I watched the movie, I then began to think, "What if Yukio actually was Pinkie Pie?" Then my mind went to all of the weirdest places all at once, and it was glorious.

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