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Everfree Northwest 2018 Day 2 · 8:12am May 20th, 2018

Well, today was a lot more manageable. I ended up needing to stream today's episode this morning, which wasn't that bad. I then kind of dragged out the morning before I actually went downstairs and had breakfast around 11...

There weren't as many things to cram in today since I did a lot of vendor shopping yesterday (though I did do a fair amount of that today as well, including caving and buying a giant Luna plush...). That vendor shopping did take up a decent amount of my between-panel time, though. After meeting up with Jowijo once again, then going our separate ways, I tried my hand at the Iron Author competition, but ended up bailing VERY early when I found that the direction I was taking the story I was writing got a little too dark for my tastes, and I didn't really feel like starting over. It's less than 1000 words, so if anyone cares I'll post it in a blog.

I had quite a bit of time after that, so I spent it in line to get autographs from Andrea Libman, Ingrid Nelson, and Brenda Crichlow (I'll get Ashleigh Ball tomorrow) until Titanium Dragon's (et all) 'Vexed by Villains' panel. 'Twas quite an interesting discussion, to say the least. When that ended, I chatted with TD a little more before I ran into (or he came up to us) the wonderful Olden Bronie. Georg joined the conversation as well, then Mudpony shortly thereafter.

After the lot of us (minus Olden Bronie, who met back up with us later) went out for a brief dinner, we all ended up at 'Sketches from a Hat,' a hilarious quick sketching event where we put in requests for sketches. Georg, Mudpony and myself all ended up having our requests chosen, and at some point I'll post mine, which was drawn by the amazing Imalou.

I ended the night with a lengthy conversation with Olden Bronie and Master Thief at another Artist/Writers' hangout. Gotta say, OB is a very philosophical person and amazingly interesting to listen to.

That's it this time. One more much shorter day tomorrow, then I head home. For now, sleep. Hopefully.

EDIT: SOME @$$HOLE DECIDED TO PULL THE FIRE ALARM AT 3:30 IN THE MORNING (local time). :twilightangry2:

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Olden Bronie has always been super cool when we've talked.

'Sup dude!

Also, AlarmCon 2018 was thankfully *not* lit AF.

Right? At least I managed to go back to sleep after that... :ajsleepy:

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