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Free Game - Stories: The Path of Destinies · 10:52pm May 13th, 2018

Stories: The Path of Destinies may have a dopey name, but it is presently free on Steam. While I don't mention stuff like this too often, I thought it was worth calling this one out for a few reasons:

1) You are a bunch of incorrigible furries, and it is a game entirely populated by anthropomorphic animals.

2) It is a sort of "choose your own adventure" type thing; the game has five chapters, and between each one, the player makes a choice which determines the path of the story. Moreover, the game in general weaves between the gameplay and a (fairly simple but surprisingly interesting) narrative; the gameplay itself is fairly simple third person action, with a narrator basically "reading a story" to the audience, even doing "voices" for the characters, like you would if you were, you know, reading to someone.

3) The game is an interesting example of branching narrative paths that I don't generally see in games; most games don't really let you make any meaningful choices, but the choices you make here determine the narrative for the rest of the game. There game gives the player 2-3 choices per decision point, and there are four of them, but they're actually carried forward rather than just for the next chapter - the game thus has 25 paths.

4) The game is pretty short - it takes me a half hour to hour per play-through.

5) The meta frame story for the game is a time loop of sorts, which I know some of you are suckers for (Horizon, I'm looking at you) - as you play through the game, you learn "truths", which affects the narrative in future loops by adding in additional details because the character knows some of the secrets of the world.

The trailer will probably give you a fairly good idea of what it is, as well as the humorous nature of the narration.

EDIT: The free giveaway has ended as of Monday afternoon.

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I've lately been playing a game called Moon Hunters, and your description of this one sounds similar. It's a top-down Diablo-style roguelike, but as you move through various areas over the course of five days, your character is presented with a bunch of choices that build your reputation. Once you finish a play-through, win or lose, your character is then lauded with a constellation and their legend is talked about by characters in the game on subsequent playthroughs. It's a lot of fun, though hard to figure out what you're supposed to be doing, sometimes.

Thanks! I like this so far. The narrator has some skill, and fwiw an impressive resume. The only thing that gets me so far is the curse of every left-handed player of games: developers often fail read the mouse button swapped status, and this is one of those games. Still worth it.

Thanks for the link!

Curses. And me being at a con all weekend and not checking Fimfic till now. D:

I'll have to add it to my wishlist!

I think I have an extra key for it lying around. Send me a PM or message on Discord on Monday reminding me to check.

*requested poke*

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