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Life of Twi's Updating Process Will be Slow · 10:16pm Apr 27th, 2018

If you've been following me for a while, you probably know that nearly two years ago I wrote a fic called Thy Little Filly Twi'. Later, I wrote a sequel called, Diary of a Disgruntled Filly Named Twi'. After getting a few chapters into the second, I took notice of some criticism revolving around the original one-shot.

Yes, I was well-aware at the time how padded it was, but then again that was only an attempt to get out of my writers block, which worked for awhile until I didn't write anything for almost three years. The one-shot lacked an abundance of humor and some of the editing was pretty bleh. So, deciding I can take things a little further, I made the promise that I would release a new story in the trilogy (Twilogy, as I refer to it) called Life of Twi. After nearly three years of planning, I chose to spend an entire month writing the first chapter. Now the story is available to read.

If you get a kick out of the first chapter and you're anticipating more, you may have to wait a bit. Although my goal is to upload at least once a month, something has come up that will inevitably slow my progress down. That said, everything I do on this site is either on my phone or my school-provided Chromebook. This is the same Chromebook I use to write everything. I've used this to write a few reviews, and I used it to write the first chapter for Life of Twi.

It's saddening to say that I will be handing in the Chromebook this next coming week. Of course, I could always write something on my phone, but I'm not the most experienced at texting. There is also the option of using the computers at the public library to write, but usually, you're only allowed to be on one of them for a certain amount of time.

So my only option right now is to save up until I can afford my own computer. Until then, I'll do the best I can to update Life of Twi. This is my first time writing something of pure quality since Crazy Mike, which I put down when I was a sophomore. This is basically a return to form for me, and I think it's a well-done return to form.

Life of Twi is without a doubt my best story by far. The first chapter is very thought out to the point that you may find yourself getting hooked on the first thousand words alone. I also made plans to focus in on a lot of the humor, so you'll be seeing a lot more of that. Where Thy Little Filly Twi' was lacking in certain areas, I plan on filling in those gaps in the sequel.

Just a fair warning: don't go into Life of Twi expecting it to be exactly like Thy Little Filly Twi'. While the original one-shot was lighthearted in tone, LoT has a much darker atmosphere with plenty of adolescent humor to back it up. There will be lighthearted chapters throughout, but most of the story is planned to be much, much darker than the original.

All that said, I worked really hard on this story, so it would be a relief to see what you have to say about. Give it a shot and leave a comment. I always looked forward to reading them.

Funny video.

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