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    Story recommendations

    So in the story Green Fluttershy's mom is a super Bad Ass, and a part of the Royal Guard. This was pre-Canon, sure.

    But we're looking for stories that anyone thinks are good that has that sort of Fluttershy's Mom. A military mare, ultra badass, and in a good story.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

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    My OC.

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    OMC! I'm dying! ROFLMLO

    This vid. The creator made a challenge to make the most over the top demanding, entitled comment possible. My Comment (search A. H. ) was so over the top that I cracked myself up. Basically it was taking all the r/entitledparents, and the r/entitledparents that show up in r/beggingchoosers into

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    Thank all that's holy for Mythril Moth.

    For those who've never read Persona EG you should read it. It's the greatest muse in the history of muses. And one of the many reasons I love Mythril Moth as an author and creative genius.

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    What's the name of this fic?

    I can't seem to find it in my favorites list. So it might've been lost during one of the updates where swaths of my favorited stories got unfaved.

    But there is a shooting star, and ponies make wishes upon it. And those wishes come true. Scootaloo's wish is for Rainbow Dash to be her sister. It's a good story, and I can't for the life of me remember the name of it XD.

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Anyone else hate Mudbriar? [Minor Spoilers?] · 5:38pm Mar 31st, 2018

I mean as a random pony, he was boring and we didn't ever really get any reason to care about him.

But to randomly say, "Oh hey! Everyone! Here's a random OC Maud ends up with, even though we never built it up, never mentioned him before, and we'll most likely never use him again!"

Bah! Maud needs someone better than that. I mean it's not that they took the one annoying part of Maud's personality, and flanderized it. But hooking those two up is just poor taste. A good ship requires build up. So far the only three canon ships of the show had no build up (ShiningXCadance; MacXBelle; and now this), but at least two of those three ships have potential. Mudbriar is one of the few ponies I actively want to punch.

Anyone else hate him? Or do most of y'all like this surprise ship?

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He just needs a better personality. Give him a better personality, and I could even like the pony.

I like it.

I didn't like Mud Briar in the beginning,but he grew on me

That's the thing. His personality throughout the entire show is his personality. Which admittedly is the main thing I hate about him. I mean if he was even only a smidgen less like the worst parts Hollywood Autism+Flanderized Maud tossed in a blender and served over cardboard. It be less cringe worthy.

How? He has no real personality to speak of, and he has nothing to really offer. I mean it's not like he'll be showing up like Trixie or even Maud nowadays does. He has no real reason to draw in the viewer, and I spent half the time I spend watching him waiting for him to leave the scene. So how'd he grow on you?

The contrast between him and Pinkie being even bigger than the one between Maud and Pinkie made for some great moments that was worth the early bits.

Haven't watched the ep (and likely won't, since I'm not that fond of Maud (even though she shares my late Grandma Blankenship's middle name, weirdly enough)), so I have no opinion of him one what or the other.

Didn't think that counted as Spoilers. But I added a Minor Spoiler tag to the post.

Lol. Yeah I'm pretty sure that their discussions of episodes are made while they snort lines of sugar off the bellies of puppies. It's the only thing I can think of to make sense of some of their more horrible ideas.

Personally the only reason I liked Maud to begin with was because she looked like a practitioner of Mountain Root style martial arts from the Savage Skies Series [Book One]. And her Thousand Hoof attack. Past that even I can admit she's kind of an acquired taste.

Besides. Everyone knows StarMaud is the superior ship.

Lol, that is a pretty hawt ship.

There's Mauxie? I never read any of that ship. Do you know any good ones for that and MaudStar? Always looking for good ship fics.

There's a couple Mauxie, that started cropping up after the revelation that Trixie worked on a rock farm.
And no, I've got quite enough fics on my various RIL shelves that I feel I'll never get through them.


if he was even only a smidgen less like the worst parts Hollywood Autism+Flanderized Maud tossed in a blender and served over cardboard. It be less cringe worthy.

What do you mean by THAT ?

You forgot to bold Hollywood.

With Hollywood Autism, I mean how he was constantly: "Well technically"; him taking what felt like several minutes to think of saying "good bye" to someone (lack of / slightly inappropriate social skills. Something he showed throughout his conversations in the show); his "vision board" he had when discussing Maud's party with Pinkie Pie; the constant correcting of people use of words (while also using the "technically" word constantly; or just because.). It's not actual autism, rather it's Autism taken to a mythical level of stupidity.

Flanderized. Well, do I really have to say it? Just listen to him talk. While Maud is "about rocks", and monotone. She does have a bit of a personality. Mudbriar on the other hand, I could see in moments. They took Maud's obsessive personality, and ramped it too 50. Focused on the few annoying parts of her personality, and molded Mudbriar to be pretty much that but flanderized. Here's a link.

Hell it's not as if they haven't Flanderized actual members of the show already. (Go to the "Other Cartoons" folder, and Crtl+F: my little pony).


Oh! And if you think I'm making fun of Autistic people. I have been actually diagnosed with Asperger's by doctors, and fall within the Autism Spectrum. Which makes Mudbriar's character particularly insulting. Even more so then Maud (who I liked at first because she reminds me of a fic I love on this site. I learned to like her a bit more, when she developed more of a personality.)

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