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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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    Ravvij, a good old friend of mine from the Barcast needs help. He is in financial jeopardy. I am going to provide a link to Flutterpriest's blog. since he can speak on the matter far more adequately than I ever could.

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    A new Twibutt story, hope you enjoy. Has the usual Bendy flare. I made it alongside: FanOFAges.

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    Made a new story to mock boring prudes who would ruin this site. Clopfics literally keeps this site alive.

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    Never bend the knee to boring prudes who want everything clean on this site. M-Rated stories literally keeps this site alive. You know what I like to do after having a hard day's work? Go read a human x pony story. I often re-read many of my favorite clopfics over and over, and again.

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    Any TV shows you regret watching?

    I can name two, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead. I plan never to watch anymore of these, and almost no any other new TV show.

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Need a little help · 7:28am Mar 14th, 2018

Anyone want to join as an editor/co author?

Having a little trouble with Daybreaker's Slave.

Report Bendy · 294 views · Story: Daybreaker's Slave · #Daybreaker #editor
Comments ( 6 )

What kind of problems are you having?


Ideas and whatnot.

I can help with that. How would you prefer to discuss this?

In Google docs. Currently looking for more editors. I'll consider you.

Hey Bendy. If you need any help with editing or ideas, I'd gladly lend my services.

Wish i could help, but i doubt, i have the skills you need.

But if you ever need help with magical science or powerscaling i´m your guy

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