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Which One You Wanna See More Of??? · 2:22pm Mar 13th, 2018

So now that’s I’ve got these three whole stories going, which one you wanna see more of? More of Lethne? Because I got a ton of Lethne and ooooooo it gets craycray. It’s a cool experiment to constantly be changing what the main character remembers (also I love the idea...)

There’s SpikeyWikey, too! And I even know who the next succubus is gonna be! Mmmmm. That’ll be fun! And they’re going to very slowly head back to Equestria! Slowly because there’s just so many creatures to turn on the way!!!!

Or you wanna see what’s next in The Chimera District? See what’s gonna happen to Roseluck when she gets lost and hot and bothered by just how wonderful it is to become someone else?????? :3

I wanna do some short stories too, but I like these endless tf ones so much!!!!!

But what do you want? Help me decide!

Comments ( 17 )

I love the first two, if I had to pick only one I'd say Lethe.

I'd actually prefer more of Spike the Succubus, and I'm not just saying that to be contrary:derpytongue2:

Endless tf? ....
.... *drool*


Spike plssssss

I'd say chimera district, because it's honestly the only story I've seen on this site with an emphasis on hypno like that.

All of them are good. As long as they all them get finished at some point I don't mind.

More update for Spike the... Succubus? please.

"Which one do you want more of"

If I had to choose, though, I'm torn between Lethne and Spike. I'd probably just flip a coin.

I'd prefer to see more of Spike the Succubus

You three win! Decided to get that chapter up! :3

HA! I knew it was a good idea to vote for all 3.

Spikubus please

Personally I want to see more Spike, the lethe story just feels like a scummy experience as a whole.

Scummy experience? What do you mean?

I'm going to take it as a pun as the river Lethe has a high concentration of limescale

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