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Icky Icky Edits~! · 12:44am February 18th

I dun like editing. I wish I was completely perfect right from the start~!

But I gotta make it good for you fun cuties~! Sooooooo, I'm happy to say that I've been so quiet because I've been working on what turned out to be a huge commission~! You're gonna get a 30,000-word novel of sexy fun times, but with all sorts of cool romance and even stuff like political intrigue and jazz~! Don't worry though, there's PLENTY of good times~!

Expect the story soon, cuties~! The commissioner is currently getting the final version now, so I wanna fix a few things, add one scene, then it's all yours~!


(Also, I got this fun one-off about AJ getting slowly transformed into a Timberwolf~? Yeah, I decided to get in on that. SOON TOO~!)

Report Honeydrops · 222 views ·
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Comments ( 8 )

Edits can be a pain sometimes, but can’t wait for the next story. 30,000... wow, that’s going to be fun :P

Shall the hype train get rolling for this?

Also Sexy Timberjack? Yes ples.

*Remembers seeing an advert for 30,000 words of hyper-pregnant dragon TF Twilight Velvet*

*Sees this blog post*

*Puts two and two together*

Mother of god.

Awww, just think of editing as transforming a regular plain ol' story into a super smutty sextoy of a story! Sounds big and exciting though, good luck, I can't wait!

I'm... fairly sure this isn't that one, based on the story that one David Silver published a week ago. But that just means this gets to be an even more bigger exciting surprise!!

Shows you're dedicated to putting up a good story. :)

Another teasing... nonetheless, it works. We need more good, sexy TF stories.

Thirty thousand words from Honeydrops... My oh my, this will be interesting.

"Also, I got this fun one-off about AJ getting slowly transformed into a Timberwolf~?"

Two things: 1 AJ is my favorite non-princess.

2: AWOOOO! ... <.< Can she come out and play?

Well, if you ever have a non clop story I'd more then happy to help:twilightsmile:

Porn, by and large, bores me, and I have a fundamental disagreement on this sort of transformation story, but anything other then that I'm good for.

I do think you're a good writer though. I believe you'd absolutely thrive in stories outside these genres

<Sees description>

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