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A few more things into the future... · 6:11am Feb 8th, 2012

1. When I finish A Nightly Romance (or around the time I'm finishing it), I'm planning on doing a fic with the Mayor. Think about it-- she's got a great voice, a cute mane, pretty glasses, big, beautiful eyes, a soft, cuddly looking body, nice colors, and an authoritative personality. She needs some caring muscular hooves wrapped around her. Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

2. I do kind of wonder about Nightmare Date and A Nightly Romance. They've kind of just blown up on me. I love all of the interest I've gotten. Thanks to all of my readers out there. I love you all. Thanks for all of the great ideas, especially. I've been thinking over whether I might aim to get ND and ANR into EqD someday. I'd have to go with the non-clop endings, of course (but I might be able to just deal with that). There's plenty of mediocre things up in EqD and I just think-- why not me?

Please let me know what you all think! P.S. Thanks for reading!

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Mayor? yesssss...


if it means the possinility of more stories (maybe a sequel to A Nightly Romance) i am all for it... but promise me something NO "CUPCAKES" ENDING!!!!! :twilightangry2: Haveing to deal with "cupcakes" was bad enough if you wana go with a desire for blood go with something like the sad ending of a Nightmare Date. i just can not STAND "cupcakes". :pinkiesick:

Mayor Mare clop? nice ,not much of that around (or stories about her in general)

The Eventual Sequel in the Strawberry series:
with Nightly Romance not even finished if the clop version is cannon then the sequel could be about Celestia ending up pregnant.Getting both royal sisters pregnant you would expect him to get brohoofs but things end up more complicated then anyone imagined.

Its hard to come up with new ideas for things to happen tho so feel free to first make other stuff (like this Mayor clop :pinkiehappy:

What would it be about? a lonely mayor mare who because of her position and authority scares away stallions, and her newly appointed male secretary ,courtesy of the royal sisters, to "assist"(Bow-chicka-wow-wow!) her in her duties of the town stricken with most disasters in Equestria.

Bonus points for using "Mrs. Mare, you're trying to seduce me. "

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