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Death Battle: Twilight sparkle VS Raven · 10:54pm Mar 1st, 2018

IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS... STAY OFF THIS BLOG!!! or at least watch the vid THEN read the blog below.


Ding-Dong, the bitch is dead
Which lil' bitch?
the Twilight bitch
Ding-Dong, the Twilight Bitch is dead!

So, not only did I PREDICT something like this could happen with my Starfleet Chapter "WIN, LOSE, OR DIE!"


Twilight never stood a CHANCE against Raven.

This death battle seems to support my other ideals and theories as well. (but this is just my opinion)

-Twilight doesn't know everything!
-Twilight may have great IDEAS to do things, but doesn't have the power to pull it off
-Twilight and her friends only beat their enemies because THOSE guys were even wimpier than they are
-MLP CAN BE molded and skewered into DBZ or Power Ranger like stuff, they just proved it

-(Most importantly) The so-called power of friendship, and all that emotion stuff that helps you... THAT's what I mean by BELIEVING. Believing is also an emotion of courage, strength, and persuasiveness.

Lightning: "As long as I believe in myself and in my friends... there is nothing we can't do."

So YEAH... maybe friendship IS a powerful weapon, but it's still just ONE weapon, and won't always be enough to help you, even the Death battle told you that.

Most of Twilight's feats are not FRIENDSHIP, it's magic tricks (Including moving the sun and moon)

Anyway, I wasn't wrong about MY DEATH BATTLE of Twilight VS Lightning either.

Since Twilight can't even beat Raven, what hope does she have against Starfleet?

Anyway... Twilight's dead, just like I made her dead in my fic... YEARS before this happened.

I did sorta PREDICT this death battle, and theorize it accurately the way I make Twilight fight in my fics when compared to other creatures... you can't deny me of that (Not even YOU, Renagadetheunicorn

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Well, when it was announced. I doubt that Raven was going to win from the start and I don't know if Twilight can beat her. And I was right when Raven won.


and that's why it's important to observe and compare the two forces (Which is what they do)

4808067 They do magic.


Yes, but like I said in my blog, "How STRONG is it"

I mean look at their flight speeds.

According to the vid, Twilight can fly 300 mph, while Raven can go many times faster than the speed of sound (Even Rainbow Dash couldn't beat her there)

Comment posted by MaskedRangerA113 deleted Mar 2nd, 2018


Also, i've never read any of the stories you've written and i'm not going to

Then what right do you have to throw these whine fests over something you don't know anything about, how can you be so cock-sure?

I hate MLP, but I STILL watch it so I can study it. I'm not one of those people who just judge without even looking at it, but hey... look who I'm talking to: A bunch of arrogant and mentally inferior people who can't even read or understand things plastered on their eyes.

If you can't stand my stuff, THEN IGNORE IT and spare me these worthless bitch-fests

Oh joy, the king of the losers throws his two cents in.


I see, I put up completely legit and logical points, and you (Like all the rest) prove to be a mentally inferior dunce who can't find an argument to counter, so you insult and act like a wannabee.

Well, I know just how to deal with you...

You, my good internet user, deserve this because you predicted it. The Worst Pony Princess NEVER stood a chance. Raven totally decimated her AND IN ALL FAIRNESS.
Twilight, you failed miserably. Funny thing is, I do dislike Twilight, not THAT much, but still I enjoyed drawing this and I lost my YAAY when she was vaporized n n.

I've had the stupidest grin in my face for three days straight now n n.


It's... It's... BEAUTIFUL!! :raritystarry:

Thank you!!




You know, I was sent here via ambiguous "this" link. All I was told about is that it was a blog reaction to the Raven/Twilight DB, outstanding for being specially pity and annoying. When I saw the author, I actually screamed "of fvcking course".

And I'm left with, is the following question: How does this Death Battle prove anything for Twilight vs Lightning?

Not only is the power scale all over the place in Lighting's regard, but Raven's win comes also from her years of experience with the Titans, in contrast with Twilight's 1 or 2 years of the show's in-universe time spam. Also, with the few DB involving returning characters (Batman and Wonder Woman), it's heavily implied that it's not a linear order. Characters who have an advantage over others, may not have that against opponents who lose against the later.

Food for thought, I guess.

A chat one. Probably erased at this point.

Comment posted by KnightMysterio deleted Mar 5th, 2018

I have to make a few arguments. First of all, though I would've preferred Twilight won, my complaint isn't who won, it's the fact that the win conditions don't reflect the actual stats. Twilight only won in the video because she paused for a one-liner. Secondly, you were only "confirmed" by a fan-based parody. And saying Twilight didn't stand a chance in inaccurate considering that they explicitly said that they were so evenly matched. Finally, the only reason it's true that Lightning would win against Twilight is because it's confined within your own universe, which only makes it true through circular reasoning. It's like saying that Gandalf is one of the most powerful characters in fiction because the gods in the Lord of the Rings made it that way.

Wow, sore winner much?


Well, if other people weren't so cruel and bullying towards me, I'd have better reason to be a better sport, but they asked for it, and they got it.

Heck they were mocking me hoping Twilight would win just to tick me off.

Well, you literally wrote a blog post about you were right all along that Twilight is a weak character based off of a fan parody. I mean you literally open the post with:

Ding-Dong, the bitch is dead
Which lil' bitch?
the Twilight bitch
Ding-Dong, the Twilight Bitch is dead!

Yeah, totally you not being a complete asshole.


1: You took way too long to reply

2: People act like asshole's to me, they're gonna get it RIGHT BACK. (What GOES around, COMES around)

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