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Mind Spillage of Randomness · 7:23am Jan 21st, 2018

...well, I'm just going to spill some random thoughts on the table. See what happens.

~ So, I re-read The Rock Farmer's Daughters (because reading my own fic is totally not egocentric at all), and I ran into some funny conclusions based on the hindsight provided by the expansion of my own fanfic 'verse, like...
- Is it just me, or are Pinkamena and Main 'Verse Tomato kind of similar? We've got a grumpy grumpypants with a good heart that's under a parent who's overdoing a parent thing, they meet their eventual love interest--who is new in town--by helping them out with a problem, despite acting aloof with said love interest at first they warm up to them and get comfortable with this ball of sunshine that they don't ever want to lose, and a mark of character development is when they sing loud and strong. I know I've joked to myself that Tommy is reverse Pinkie, but this is just weird.
- Aren't I glad it's a AU, and I can keep the Pie Sister birth order in RFD intact.
- I'm pondering the scenario of RFD 'verse Flora meeting Pinkamena and Cheese. Would they ship Flormato as hard as their Main 'Verse counterparts, or would they stay away from playing matchmaker after the whole Cortland fiasco? Would Flormato even happen at all?
- I just remembered that I gave both couples rainbow scenes in separate stories (RFD and Drabble Daze).
- This isn't the last time in a story of mine where an eldest son causes nonsense in a small town that the father's trying to clean up with little success. Granted, there is a world of difference between gossip over a "rescue from abusive family romance" and animals doing whatever the heck they want to the point of exploiting the townsponies like the mafia.
- At some point, RFD Cheese had to mention Aunt Honeydew to Pinkamena, who'd find it remarkably weird that they both have runaway aunts. And now I think it'd be funny if Sedimentary Rock and Honeydew had met at some point.
- Cheese and Pinkamena were lucky not to have run into Bighoof. Or maybe Bighoof was the lucky one, as he'd have to face Pinkamena.
- This parody of a parody still makes me happy, and now I want parody songs for all my fics. I'm working on one for Brotherly Bonding Time, but sadly, as it's a TL;DR version of the story, we're going to have to wait until that story is finished before I can show the parody (working on the next chapter right now, though).
- I remember thinking up a court scene for RFD, as Cheese was going to be framed for murder--I never went through the whole framing and trial thing for it because it'd be too complicated for me at the time. Well, I recently got to write a court scene that Cheese attended, though nopony's been framed, there was a big crime that took place.
- The Beauty and the Beast comparisons are only going to get funnier as I write more.

~ On other subjects, I'm the one who has gone the farthest with the "Cheese travels with a pony companion for a short time" idea, and I'm one of the few who did not have the companion be Pinkie Pie. I might as well write a "coming-of-age" story for Cheese, since that's an idea I've seen get aborted a bunch back in the day; I've even got some ideas for that too.

~Okay, but, when Cheese and Pinkie are expecting their firstborn, they start betting on what gender it is (Cheese says it's a sweet girl like mama, and Pinkie says it's a bouncy boy). And then they end up dragging everyone else into it, and soon the whole town's divided between Team Filly and Team Colt. And then the big day arrives, and Pizza Pockets (a colt) and Fudge Fondue (a filly) are born. And Cheese and Pinkie go "woo! everyone wins!", while everyone is just flabbergasted, save for the one who jokingly said "both".

~ Sometimes when I come across stuff on DeviantArt that turns Cheese into a jerk just to justify the artist's ship, I end up imagining that they read the later chapters of Brotherly Bonding Time... without the context that I presented for why Cheese is acting like that. Most likely not, I know, so I end up wondering why they bothered with CheesePie in their story at all. I'm not a big fan of that forced drama popping up in my searches.

~ Okay, I have to say this... the blonde Quibble Pants headcanon annoys me to no end. I get why they believe it's dyed, but I've only seen one person actually go for straight black hair, which I think would make more sense. I personally go with that hair being natural... if only because it's a family quirk to have multi-shaded hair of a single color, kind of like the curled forelock is for the Sandwiches.

~ Oddly, I'm in a bit of a Star Wars mood... out of spite for The Last Jedi. I saw it back in December, and... it's garbage. An utter insult to Star Wars that's a pessimistic, plot hole-ridden mess that's way too long, and I never wanted to Force Choke a character so hard as that stupid Kylo Ren (for all I care, he joined the Dark Side because they had cookies). For all their flaws, at least I enjoy the prequels, I could actually follow the story... but as far as I'm concerned, the sequel trilogy is not canon.

~ Admittedly, I'm kind of looking forward to the days my sister Artsy Notes (when she's home from her mission) will comment on new movies that came out while she was away. I'm looking forward to her ripping The Last Jedi apart, and how she'll react to Coco and The Incredibles II (not out yet, I know, but I plan on seeing it when it comes out).

~ Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like if I just showed pictures of my OCs to strangers, and only said, for example, "Tomato Sandwich here is the brother of Cheese Sandwich" or "Flora's talent is helping ponies feel at peace", thus leaving the strangers to guess what these characters are like and what role they'd play in any of my stories. Or how they would guess one of my stories would go based on chapter names only.

~ Ear infections are not fun. At least it's mild in comparison to dealing with a kidney stone, and it can't stop me from writing.

~ There are some songs and music that I'm listening to over and over for inspiration for future writing stuffs, both for Brotherly Bonding Time and other thingamabubbies. I'd put all of them here, but I don't think you'd click them all to listen, so if you want to know, just ask me what the heck I'm listening to that's getting the creative juices flowing. I'll just say, this little gem from the MLP movie is giving me ideas:

It'll kind of be like how "Unleash the Magic" inspired a scene in Brotherly Bonding Time.

Well, that's all my thoughts to spill for now. See ya later.

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And Cheese and Pinkie go "woo! everyone wins!", while everyone is just flabbergasted, save for the one who jokingly said "both".

What I want to know is who guessed correctly, if accidentally so.

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