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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.

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Micro Story V · 12:18pm Jan 20th, 2018

Today, Twilight was getting a delivery.

This was strange for two reasons.

One, she didn't actually order anything.

Two, the delivery came from another world.

So when Twilight arrived back from finishing her princess-duties and retired to her bedroom, she was rather perturbed by the rather large package sitting on her bed.

On the box it read:

Open at your own risk..

So of course Twilight was immediately struck by a conundrum. Should she open it? Or should she leave it alone? She didn't have much time to ponder this, when the box suddenly shifted.

Twilight's eyes suddenly went wide.

What was inside the box?

Was it an animal?

Was it a magical item of untold power that wreak havoc on Equestria and plunge it into 10,000 years of darkness because of her inability to confront it—oh-dear-Celestia-I-should-open-it!

Twilight scrambled forward her hoof outstretched and then touched the box.

She took a moment here.

What if opening the box had the opposite effect?

What if opening it triggered a cascade of events that couldn't be stopped or controlled and would end up starting the next disaster or catastrophe in itself?!

But the suspense was killing her!

What should she do?

"Hey Twi'?"

Twilight almost jumped out of her coat.

"W-What?!" she yelped back.

Spike wore a confused expression as he held onto the tongs and stared at her. "Twi', I was just saying that dinner's ready. You should come down and eat."

"R-Right," Twilight replied, calming her jittery nerves as she wore a watery smile. "I'll be down in a second."

"What's that?" Spike pointed at the box.

"N-Nothing!" Twilight said quickly, then saw his expression and added unhelpfully, "I hope!"

Spike raised a ridged brow in response. "Okaaaaay. I'll be downstairs... waiting for you..."

As Spike left, Twilight decided to open the box.

Inside was a human.

"About time," he snapped, climbing out. "I was about to get cramps."

"Why are you in a box?" Twilight exclaimed, exasperation plastered all over her face.

"To deliver," he replied.

"Deliver what?!"

"A punchline." The human threw sparkles all over place as he did so. "Surprise!"

Twilight stared at the human as sparkles rained down between them.

"You got lost didn't you."

"I got lost," he admitted lamely. "I asked them to post me back. What's for dinner?"



"No, I mean hay."

"Yeah, what?"

"I mean dried grass!"

"Oh... right. Guess I should have called ahead."

As the human lumbered on ahead, Twilight got the distinct impression that the human was doing this on purpose. Which would be crazy, right? Nopony would go this far on purpose, right?


It sparkles. geddit?


A stiff breeze bringing the sting of winter was blowing as Twilight trudged back to her castle.

Nopony was crazy enough to be outside in the cold, after all.

Except her.

Because she really needed that book.

So here she was trudging through the snow, walking past a body and heading back to her—


Twilight backtracked a few steps and saw the resident human on the ground.

Against her better judgement, she decided to pop the question.

"Why are you on the ground in the freezing cold?"

"'Cause I'm too hot to handle—no wait don't go I'm actually freezing to death! Your freaking door was locked and you forgot I was outside, there's no doorbell, how the hell do you get inside your castle then?!"

Twilight stopped walking away and immediately apologised.

The next day, the human wrote an angry letter to the architect of the castle.

The Tree of Harmony profusely apologised for the inconvenience.

P.S. Seriously, the tree needs to have basic stuff like that.
P.P. S. I'm pretty out of it right now so this probably doesn't make sense.

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Comments ( 3 )

Either one can be installed with all the other shit they put in, or the Castle actively reshapes itself to suit the needs of its resident.
I lean towards the latter.

I want to watch these just make progressively less sense.

"The Tree of Harmony profusely apologised for the inconvenience."

How big was the box Twilight got, though? 'Cos the levels of cramp grow exponentially with box size.
Was he a contortionist?
A lost one to boot.

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