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Micro Story II · 2:51am Jan 13th, 2018

It was probably past two when Applejack stumbled across the mountain of bits lying in the centre of Ponyville.

The weird thing was that nopony seemed to notice or care.

Applejack asked the figure sitting on top of the pile, "Why is there so much gold in one place? Are you collecting something?"

"Yellow sort of things," the dragon said. He scooped up a rigid Applejack and placed the shocked pony at top of the pile.

"Hi," said Fluttershy, by way of greeting.

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Micro Story IV · 11:00am Jan 18th, 2018

There was a noise in the bushes, which startled a pegasus crossing by it.

Fluttershy stared at the bush intensely, her eyes wide and afraid.

"What are you doin' Flutters?" Rainbow was curious, seeing her friend so shaken.

"I-I-I-It made a noise!" Fluttershy yelped, quaking in her hooves. "It 'rustled', 'snapped' and 'crackled'!"

"Big deal, they make noises all the time!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Rustle," said the bush, "snap and crackle."

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Micro Story VI · 12:14pm Jan 22nd, 2018

The human licked cakes.

"This tastes sweet!"

The human licked a lemon.

"This tastes sour."

The human licked grass.

"This tastes bland."

The human licked Twilight.

"This tastes rich and heavy."

The human also tasted magic, but he couldn't recall the specific flavour because it was concentrated into a bolt at the time and was slamming more into his cheek rather than his mouth.

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Micro Story VIII - The Rock · 1:18pm May 13th, 2018

It started with a slight clicking sound.

Like the fingernails tapping on a tabletop.

Click. Click. Click.

There it sat on her desk.

The rock.

Eyes fixated on the inanimate object, Twilight examined it with such rigour.

But it stood still.

Yet still was that sound.

Click. Click. Click.

Then a different sound.


Like the world announced its significance with that one cue.

It wasn't a rock, she realised, there and then.

It was an egg.

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Micro Story V · 12:18pm Jan 20th, 2018

Today, Twilight was getting a delivery.

This was strange for two reasons.

One, she didn't actually order anything.

Two, the delivery came from another world.

So when Twilight arrived back from finishing her princess-duties and retired to her bedroom, she was rather perturbed by the rather large package sitting on her bed.

On the box it read:

Open at your own risk..

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Micro Story I · 4:48am Dec 31st, 2017

The human was sitting across from Twilight as they were both reading.

Twilight, curious about the human, cleared her throat as a segue to conversation.

To which the human replied.

"I like you how I like my walls."

"Erm, what?"

"Part of the background."

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Micro Story VII · 10:07am Jan 30th, 2018

Twilight glanced out the windows at the dim backdrop of stars.

Night time, she thought, and lazily went back to reading.

Then she returned back to the window.

No wait, that's space!

In which Twilight asks the real questions: How the hay did I get here?

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Microstory IX - The Existence · 8:58am Dec 8th, 2018

Before Twilight could say anything, Pinkie held up her hoof.

"Twilight, stop, before you say anything. I have to say something!"

Silence followed.

"What were you going to say?"

"...I forgot."

"Pinkie... what are you doing on my doorstep?"

"Twilight, you have to help me with my application!"

"What's this?" She held the documents up. "These look like job... rejections?"

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Micro Story III · 4:22am Jan 14th, 2018

Shining Armor was about done cleaning his room when there was a knock on the door.

Twilight was on the other side.

She had tears in her eyes.

"Twily!" he said in shock. "What happened?!"

"It's school!"

Shining Armor was immediately in panic-mode. His sister just recently enrolled and it was her first day. Anything could have happened!

"Oh no, did you hurt yourself? Was it bullies? Tell me!"

"No... I..."

Shining leaned forward.


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