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The Forest Pony shall continue soon! · 1:47pm Jan 1st, 2018

Greetings faithful followers!
First, I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Second, here are some news about my story, The Forest Pony. More info below the break!

(CMC Vector by DashieSparkle)

The Crusaders are here for a reason; if you remember, we have encountered them in Chapter 5 and they will come back in Chapter 6, causing quite a stir :scootangel: Yes, Chapter 6 is already in the hands of the mighty editor, MV.
So, it shall be posted soon. Chapters 7 and 8 are in making and should follow closely behind.

As for why it took so long to get to the new chapters, the simple answer is, revisions. MV went an extra mile to check and edit again the existing chapters, unifying their style and improving grammar and flow for better enjoyment of the story. (The plot stayed all the same, don't worry!) He is also the author of the brand new story synopsis.

Thank you for reading and your patience. Have a great 2018!

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It was about time:rainbowdetermined2:


YAY!!!! :yay:

Nice nice, can't wait!

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