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“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” -Sue Monk Kidd

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    Someone stole 'Dear Sweetie Belle.'

    Posted it on another website. They even made new cover art.


    I've sent the thief a message on the site telling them they have twelve hours to delete the story and apologize. After that, I'm putting them on blast on here and any other avenue available to me. Not to mention reporting the story and the author.

    No links here until the 12 hours are up.


    Plagiarism is never okay.

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Jade Reviews: Scribbler Productions' Adaptation of 'Grogar: a Hearth's Warming Horror Story' · 6:55am Dec 25th, 2017

After months of anticipation, fanfic reader extraordinaire Scribbler has released her four part full-cast adaptation of my very own 'Grogar: a Hearth's Warming Horror Story.' My thoughts on each part below the break!

-While I was expecting a full cast, music, and sound effects, the custom art caught me completely by surprise in the best of ways.

-Mickey the Sass Master completely steals Part 1 with her performance as Silver Spoon. She really captures Silvy's escalating rage and insanity.

-The music as a whole is fantastic, but the piano cover of "Hello Zep" (the main theme from SAW) as the scene builds to Grogar's arrival just takes it to the next level.

-The first image of Part 2 might be my favorite in the series. The look on Diamond Tiara's face is chilling.

-LullabyVA and Agent0Fluffy take the Best Voice Award for Part 2 (by nailing Scootaloo's final breakdown and Granny's monologue, respectively.)

-I really enjoy Sweetie Belle's singing of "Jingle Bells" at the end fading into the very downbeat buy pretty version of the song over the end credits.

-The soundscape for this one is particularly well put together. The wind on the walls, the crackling fire, and Granny's singing all create a nice little ambiance for the two conversations.

-The acting in Part 3 is uniformly excellent.

-Applejack's death is just as horrifying as I imagined. The sound-scape adds so much to this scene, with the ambient screams and howling winds.

-Grogar's defeat is also pretty much exactly how I imagined it. The epic music, the pulsing light... so good. It truly feels like a moment of pure triumph.

-I'll be damned if the last moment between Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara isn't MORE effective in the audio than it is in the story.

-I LOVE the last image before the climax. There's so much emotion. I particularly love the exhausted satisfaction on Applebloom and Diamond Tiara's faces. The little bit of hopeful music adds just the right touch to soften you up before the final scene.

-Oh that final scene is just... (chef kiss). All the kudos to FlurryPalette and LCPegasister for NAILING that laugh/cry/scream that I always pictured. I'd also love to know who did the art for the last scene, because they somehow perfectly captured what I'd always meant for that scene.

All in all, Scribbler exceeded my every expectation. I want to thank her, the VAs, and the artists who brought my little scary story to life in a way that none ever has before.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Be good.

For goodness sake.

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