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Just a skinny white guy from Montana, I think ponies and guns are the best inventions in life.

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    Let it not be said that I haven't done anything.

    Chapters 61 & 61.5 are work in progress. (I.E. Mostly finished.) Just need to do the endings. My mentality as far as the .5 chapters is that they don't really have much story to them (duh, kind of a given) therefor they are not overtly crucial and I might just skip posting it for the time being.

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    Major Tag Change?

    So... here is my dilemma. When I started this story I had my plan, but this was also something new. I didn't know how best to go at this and just applied things as I went. So tags have been added as needed. The biggest addition to the story was the 'sex' tag addition. With the last few chapters the action has been thick and rather dumbed down to stay within the necessary rules for such a stories

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    I've been working on the latest chapter more than I have been for the last several months.

    As of right now, Chapter 54 is at...
    5,128 words.

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    Sorry for the lack of updates.

    Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been dealing with a number of issues over the course of the last several months. Everything from a massive workload involving a custom 4 story appartment complex, to breaking up with my longterm girlfriend, passing classes that I suck at in terms of what they consisted of (math, which I suck miserably at) and now that I am moving. It has left me horribly

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    Merry Tennobaum!

    Only really late...
    Merry Christmas Tenno!

    In July!
    On Mars? Eh, close enough.
    Good news is I now have more time on my hands and can get back to it! Which also means that hint hint update tomorrow I wanted it for today, but took longer than normal. Happy belated holidays!

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The best blade ever made! · 8:12pm Nov 13th, 2017

It is what it says!

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Comments ( 5 )

So Warframe finally got that level of fame...

It's sure been taking a while.

Next stop, Miracle of Sound and Dan Bull making a song for it

Next weapon: Ether Reaper. Or Caustacyst. The second one would be a huge challenge.

No I disagree to all of that the nikana is the best blade , the nikana prime is the blade for gods among god dammit!

saw the vid in my suggested and was like

Sooo... are you ever going to continue the fog of war?

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