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Another PONY Legacy (And Kind Of Just Life) Update · 3:34am Nov 11th, 2017

Hey folks, thought I'd throw this out there... although because of item 2 below, the people who probably need to see it most won't... but we'll press on regardless, shall we?

Item the First:

In hindsight it was optimistic of me to show up back in August and be all, "Hey, PONY Legacy's pretty much done, just needs a quick preread or two and then it's off to the races!" In my defense, I wasn't trying to be optimistic -- I really thought that A. it didn't need much work and B. I'd have time to do any work it needed in short order and then final publication could happen.

Really, even if either A or B turned out to be false, I would have been fine, and it would probably be publishing as we speak.

But here's the thing: both turned out to be false! Thanks to a wonderful editor who shall remain nameless until I decide exactly how much praise they deserve for ruining my ignorant bliss, I realized that some fairly decent revision is needed to bring the story to a point where I'll really be happy with it.

That would be fine, except I'm also still in my second-to-last semester, and the thing is, I wasn't supposed to be full-time any more.

But here's the thing: it turns out I needed to be full-time! And this has turned out to be my most demanding semester yet, and I'm only sorta keeping it together. Honestly it'll be a minor miracle if I make it through, say, next Wednesday without getting sick and/or going crazy from overwork and lack of sleep. (Context, just in case: I work full-time, I'm in class full-time, I have family obligations, I have friendly obligations, and a few other random obligations here or there. This is why I disappeared for years; I only came back because I thought that was mostly over, and it turns out I got the timing wrong by half a year or so.)

At this point I might be able to start working on it again around Thanksgiving, but it also might not be able to happen in earnest until mid-December. Regardless, as much as I had hoped to have the whole thing posted by the New Year, there's pretty much no chance of that happening; I'd be thrilled if the first new chapter went up by then. But I wouldn't hold my breath. Which brings us to...

Item the Second:

I unpublished PONY Legacy. Hilariously, that means I can't tag it in this blog post. Maybe I should have done it the other way around? I don't know if that would work.

The existing chapters are going to get anywhere from mildly to heavily rewritten. The entire prologue is going to be very nearly scrapped and rewritten from scratch, and there are edits of varying size, complexity, and importance throughout the other chapters.

My fics have been getting a slight uptick in attention because of my reemergence and my increased social presence (Discord is fun), and I didn't want anybody to read what was published and then turn around a month later and either reread it or get confused when new chapters rely on edits to the existing chapters.

Apparently doing this destroyed any "heat" the fic had, so... I honestly don't know how much that would affect a six-year-old fic. If it costs me features or something, oh well. It felt like the right thing to do.

Item the Third:

Really, Discord is fun! I've been having a great time chatting with folks in the last month or so, mostly in FIMFic's #writing-help channel; even made a new friend or two. You should come check it out.

I guess that's all for now; if you read this big boring wall of text, thanks! If you didn't, well, what are you doing down here?

Have a gif that makes me giggle:

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Comments ( 5 )

The best part of that gif is the wing flapping IMO. Good luck with the school stuff. I'm a decade removed from school myself but work and kids have been enough to kick my ass for time, do I hope you finally get some peace and time as soon as you can.

It’s alright. Take all the time you need. I just hope you aren’t going to abandon this fanfic, which was really well written in my opinion, even without revision. If you continue it, I’ll be there to read it with trepidation, for I don’t doubt it will be worth the wait, no matter how long it takes.

Site Blogger


The best part of that gif is the wing flapping IMO.

Absolutely. I love it.

I'm a decade removed from school myself but work and kids have been enough to kick my ass for time

I sure am ready to be done and have some time to myself again! I'm glad you've been able to sneak back to us.

You're very kind! :twilightsmile: I absolutely promise that it's not abandoned, and you'll get the rest of it one way or another -- if something somehow permanently interfered with me being able to revise it how I want, I would just go ahead and publish the existing draft.

Future fics will avoid this irritating limbo entirely, as I won't begin posting chapters until they're complete.

Well, we're still here aren't we? If you're not dead, your audience isn't dead.

The guy who made your fanmusic seems to have deleted himself off the internet, and this leaves me mildly annoyed since I like his stuff. Shows why maybe downloading all the music may have been a safer idea

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