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insert title here · 11:22pm Aug 21st, 2017

Y'all like the new cover picture for Displaced into Nothing? :V

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Ahh, I kindà think the old one was better. But it's just a cover, and only silly people make judgements based on those.

Ehh, I liked the older one better. I kind of want something weirder, though, like her pony head split in half to reveal even more teeth just so she can eat like a whole watermelon or something. Maybe a really big apple. Since her story will be more about popping up and being essentially an eldritch abomination pretending to be a pony, it makes more sense. That cover makes me think somepony in the story is either a necromancer or some kind of edgelord.

......I haven't posted the scene at the end of Chapter 6 where her head gets split down the center with an axe, have I?

I switched it to the new one because it works better than the old one for the content of the story: there is a person dying by having their form melted into essence in this story, but the World Eater and Worldender don't come up until the sequel. I understand though: I was lamenting the fact that skulls are used for grimderp edgy bullshit so much that I know it's gonna be hard to make it work. The other idea was a hand dissolving from the wrist...

Yeah, that's the scene you commission for a cover. Stone faced, maybe even exasperation with an axe in her head would be perfect. A single brow raised like she's Dwayne Fucking Johnson sounds awesome.

Except, that's not the focus of the story. The only truly visceral things happen to Meta, because she's the non-corporeal being telling the story, and that's like one of 3. The main point of the story is subtle, psychological horror, and to use a visceral picture would detract from that...

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