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Swan Song @ BronyCon 2017 · 2:54am Aug 10th, 2017

Let's do this fams. Who's going? Already got Monochromatic, Autumn Rush, Jykinturah, and Arcshod on the list for sick memes and many dreams.

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Comments ( 9 )

Count me in, if you're free thursday aft, there's plans for an escape room visit and aquarium trip

Wish I could Join but I live in Australia. I love my country but why do we have to be so far away from everything else?

4629326 If it's after 6:00 (since that's a bit after my SO lands) I'd be totally down

If you're there early and have wheels, head on out to Rockville - we'll make you some good home cookin.

(I'm mostly joking, since it's pretty close as the crow flies but would still take like an hour each way. But the offer does stand if for whatever reason anyone does want to head this way :)

(Lulz, I got a notification for my own reply)

Addendum: to answer the original question, I won't be going. We're currently living off the cash in my pocket, so if I go too far I won't be able to get gas to come home. But I hope y'all have fun and enjoy our... uh... lovely city. Yeah.

Yeeeee have fun

You better have at least two grilled cheeses while you're there.

I am here. At bronycon. :unsuresweetie:

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