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    Words Are My Enemy

    Ever since the hurricane, I've had trouble getting back into my groove. Just when I think I've got a good one going on, I lose it and have to work a day or so to get just my motivation back. My concentration broken, my spirit shuddering, I get back in this cold and threadbare chair of mine, forcing my fingers to dance on a keyboard that's losing letters, losing words. The rhythm my fingers dance

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    That feeling when

    When you've been out o f the game f or so long, your writing stinks and it takes you six hours to write ten pages.

    Getting old sucks.

    Also I lost my "f" key. And copypasting is a pain the plot.

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Equestrylvania fan art??? · 3:44pm Jul 30th, 2017

So Purple Patch has drawn a bit of fan art, not just for me but for quite a few authors. Observe:

At the bottom right is Patch's (apparently) favorite Equestrylvania villain, Whisper White. Now I'm just waiting for a color version of this so he's easier to spot. :p

Thanks, Patch! Art is always appreciated. If you wanna bop on down to his Deviantart account, here is a link. Go check out his other stuff!

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Comments ( 5 )

All this does is remind me...the brony community seems to have the best villians.


I dunno. I've read some Batman fanfics that had me wondering why these fan-villains aren't in the comics yet


Oh reallY? Like where?

Shoot, you know what? It's been like four years since I read a Batman fanfic. I can't even recall one... well, except for one where it was intentionally terribly written, where Batman throws a magic baterang to kill Joker's goddamned ghost.

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