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  • 193 weeks
    in need of an editor

    Making a new story, set in the Equestria Girls universe. But I need some extra eyes and opinions.

    -Must be open to frequent pestering by me (ngl, I'm probably gonna be talking to you once a day)
    -Must be able to do a thorough check of little things like spelling errors and such
    -Must be brave enough to challenge the stories in general, ie, questioning my decisions for the story

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  • 194 weeks
    anybody still alive here?

    honest question, because i missed you all

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  • 195 weeks



    But yeah, I'm poking my head around here again. How has it been? I know some of my friends here have moved on from ponies, and with MLP moving in new directions I can't help but wonder where this website will go in the future. I'm already planning something new to write, so I hope it'll at least get some eyes on it.

    Happy seeing you guys again!

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  • 357 weeks
    Words Are My Enemy

    Ever since the hurricane, I've had trouble getting back into my groove. Just when I think I've got a good one going on, I lose it and have to work a day or so to get just my motivation back. My concentration broken, my spirit shuddering, I get back in this cold and threadbare chair of mine, forcing my fingers to dance on a keyboard that's losing letters, losing words. The rhythm my fingers dance

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anybody still alive here? · 2:17am Oct 25th, 2020

honest question, because i missed you all

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I'm still here, for what little that's worth.

Not dead yet.

I'm still standing

There are somewhere around 100 million dead people, but of the ones you might remember from this site I think it's just MythrilMoth.

I died.


Just read the journal entry. Holy shit. Never knew.

Still around. Glad to see you again!


I won’t be on the site for much longer, but I’m still alive for now.

*Raises hand* Here.

Still here, and welcome back.

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