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    After LT. Campbell crash-lands on an unknown world, she must search for her fellow crewmembers and decipher an unfamiliar directive. Can she find common ground with the local population and acquire their assistance to succeed in her mission?
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New MLP Merchandise · 4:31am Jul 30th, 2017

Greetings everyone that happens to run across this blog.

As a few have notices, I've not updated in sometime, but life happens. Anyways, I am still working on Protocol-D, albeit slowly. I have also been working on a side-story of sorts about one of the characters. This side story will probably finish up first. It is sitting at 8.6k words at the moment. I might break it into two chapters instead of the one do to that fact.

Admiral Biscuit stopped by today so we could work on his computer that would not boot into windows. We were able to get all his data backed up, by taking the drive out and plugging it into my old computer. We were able to figure out (most likely) that it was not the RAM causing the issues after trying it with only one, and in different slots, same with the hard drive. We ended up having to do a full reinstall of the Windows 8 it had on it. That part went smooth, then we tried to get all the Microsoft updates and everything fell apart.

For whatever reason, an update or two would download, install, reboot, fail to apply the update, undo the update, and reboot. We did eventually get it updated to 8.1, but not all the updates, and no damned idea what is causing it. Probably a driver or something.

He also came bearing gifts. Through the Well of Pirene written by Ether Echoes is a great story on this site. Which thanks to Admiral Biscuit I now own as a hard cover print book.

Extra bonus: It's even signed by the author.

(didn't think she wanted her name fully shown here so blocked it out other than the first and last initals.)

Even extra bonus, he gifted me a Florina Tart, Friendship is Magic Collection mini pony. Which was very awesome. She is in my story later on. Which he already knew.

So overall it was a pretty good day. Got to shoot the breeze with Admiral Biscuit, and we were able to back up all his important date from his computer. As for the the computer, while it is working again, it is not working to where I wish it was since the Microsoft updates decided to be jackwads.

On another topic of MLP Merchandise. A few weeks back I was able to score some Twilight Sparkle plushies from Goodwill. While not as good as some I have seen artist make on sites such as DeviantArt, I still like them. Especially for the price. The big one was $2.29, and the small one was 0.39cents.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Comments ( 6 )

Oooh nice gifts!

Looking forward to the new material too. :rainbowdetermined2:

On the Admiral's computer I can feel both your pain. I have a cousin who had a windows 10 laptop with similar issues. After weeks working on it (i.e. Threatening to intoroduce it to a few sticks if TNT) found out it was a driver. More precisely the laptop manufacturer had customized the video driver but this was not registered with windows or whatever. So the computer kept downloading and installing the vanilla driver causing every thing to go kaboom in repeated laptop suicide. :facehoof::pinkiecrazy:

It's nice to read from you again. Protocol-D is one of my favorites in this site.

Also... As a side note. Windows updates ruin everything. Shame I can't avoid them in W10. I remember a W8 working smooth and fast and then the updates came... and it went back to a crappy performance.

Hey! She lives! :trollestia:

Dammit, another long story to add to my list. Grr.

Hm. A doctor's signature.

Lol, well without the green block it is readable.

I look forward to the update of protocol-d! :pinkiehappy:

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