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Coming Up Next · 12:34am Jul 18th, 2017

Trotcon is over. I had a good time, though I was a bit fatigued due to switching medications during the event. Catching up with Fimfiction friends was truly awesome. :pinkiesad2: I wish I could have been more social, but I'm workin' on it.

Oh. Oh! Oh, oh... oh.

I've cancelled my humorous ad now that it's been up for nearly a week. Alas, all stupid things must come to an end. :derpytongue2: Fortunately, stupid is a renewable resource.

Up next will be two new story posts. First up, a prize-winning minific I submitted to the Speedfic competition. It's A Cry for Help, and it's probably also a cry for help. Either way, it's a very short, silly comedy that I wouldn't normally think to write.

Second up will be an original short story (a little more than 10k) called Knowing, which ranked 10th in a poll of which fics I should be working on next. It was supposed to be a comedy, I swear. :facehoof: (It is not a comedy.)

After these, I'll be working on updating my three Incomplete fics, and more stuff to come. :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 7 )

Twas a good ad. After all, when was the last time you told an author to put jello in their panties?

Good that you had some fun. You coming to BronyCon?

Roughly twenty hours ago.

OMG. That ad was you? Look at my profile.

Hee hee. :trollestia: It's good to be an inspiration.

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