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    It was a substandard product and I'm sorry.

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Art and Anniversary. · 12:38am Jul 13th, 2017

So, on this day in 2016, I was feeling kinda sorry for myself. I had just turned 50, and I was thinking of how few years I had left and how many things I had left undone. I began thinking of a promise I had made to myself back in my 20's. Of how I would be an author in my 50's and write stories that folks would enjoy. It started to make me even sadder, but then I realized I've been telling stories all my life.

I've had a passion for pen and paper RPGs my entire life. Starting with the classic Dungeons and Dragons, moving on through GURPS, Shadowrun, Deadlands and a few of the White Wolf properties. I've always been the person running the games, and I've always had a line up of people wanting to join them, because I've always concentrated on the story and not so much on the mechanics.

I realized I did have what it took to write stories, but the question now became, "What to write." I've been part of a lot of fandoms. I've been a Browncoat, a Trekkie, a Whovian, a B5'er, and a host of others. But one fandom has always impressed me with it's creativity and willingness to embrace new people.


I was already a fan of the show having gotten into the fandom after "Sonic Rainboom" while watching it with my children and I'd been reading stories here on FimFiction for awhile. So, I sat down and began what would become The Bridle Path. As I traveled down that path with Rarity and Valiente, I had the incredible luck to fall in with a couple of really good mentors and some really good readers. All of whom shaped the rough clay of a burgeoning writer into someone actually capable of producing half-decent stories. The day I reached 100 followers I actually got down on my floor beside my desk and wept in joy. I had fulfilled that long ago promise. I had become an author.

But more milestones beckoned. Writing, like a bridle path, isn't a goal you can reach, but a journey you can travel. And if you are very, very lucky, you find that people join you on that journey. People like Damaged, Canary in the Coal Mine, Cross Lament and Mix-Up. They've been with me almost since the very start of my journey and I continue to be encouraged and strengthened by them. Through their tutelage, their patronage, their support and now, their art.

One of my most recent stories is Mail Troubles. The story of a young man engaging in the job of a lifetime, delivering the incredible to the impossible. Shortly after I published the first chapter, Mix-Up approached me offering to do a cover art piece for the story. Astonished, amazed and flattered, I of course accepted their offer and for the past couple of weeks we've back and forth'ed sketches and concept art.

As of today, I am proud to show you what he has created for me...

I'm in awe that my stories could inspire work on this level. From the bottom of my heart, Mix-Up, thank you. I can only hope that the story continues to be worthy of such an amazing cover. If you ever have the chance to have Mix-Up create something for you, do it.

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"Would you like the senior's discount?" said the sales clerk at the thrift store.

Penalt sighed and said no, he's not that old, not yet.

Time for a dye job! BWAHAHA

You have done several wonderful stories and continue to improve and make wonderful strides. And you are right never discount the stories you weaved for pen and paper games they are a great way to explore themes and get inspiration.

When I get sad for how old I'm getting and all the things I've left undone, I comfort myself with the knowledge that doing them wouldn't have changed anything anyway, so it's no big loss. :ajsleepy:

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