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What to do now... · 4:14am Feb 5th, 2012

To be honest, all I really want to do is make clopfics from now into the indefinite future.

I do want to finish A Nightly Romance at least, but I need more time to think ideas through. I'll do that at some point relatively soon, although probably not in this week. I want to do multiple endings again. But I'm aiming for, in my canon ending, something bittersweet and emotional that's hard to get right. I should hammer through more of Under Every Lamppost as well. But I'm getting tired of those stories.

Thanks to all of my old readers and new! Love you!

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I still say you should make a grimdark ending for nightmare date.:trixieshiftleft:

But you do certainly have the talent for clopfics.

I can write sad, depressive stuff (like the fourth ND ending), but grimdark in the sense of pure gore for gore's sake is hard to do. I've been seriously thinking about doing a grimdark alternative ending for A Nightly Romance where Luna decides to try and make Strawberry into an alicorn by chopping off pieces of Celestia's wings, carving it into Strawberry's body, and then adding parts of her own blood-- in a horrible black magical ritual that puts the beginning of Past Sins to shame. Lots of lightening, potions, scalding heat, and other weird stuff would be involved.

I suppose you'd like that chapter, and I'd also like the variety / challenge of trying to write that chapter. The problem is that my mind immediately connects the violent ideas to sex, and then the violence becomes subordinate to the sex. So when I picture Luna tying Strawberry up and then doing all of this grimdark stuff, I can't not imagine her also... Well, my imagination goes something like:

"Oh, darling..." Luna muttered, and her head cocked down so unnaturally that it looked like her head would snap. "You need to stay awake for this part. How about a..." She rubbed up her right hoof around his bound leg. Her juices dripped down onto his restrains. "Stimulant?" She grinned.

Celestia let out a weak scream. Most of the sedatives had run its course through her mutilated body, and she jiggled with the sudden burst of painful sensations. The unicorn and the blue alicorn's eyes turned to the captive on the cold black table. Celestia curled her head upwards and stared at the empty space where the huge hunk of wing had been. Her tears just poured out. Luna's eyes then traced along black and red bumps and tufts of burned feathers.

"No more WHINING, Tia," Luna hollered. Celestia shifted back in fear. Luna then nudged her body over a few more inches. Strawberry's colthood lined up perfectly. "You're just..." Luna pressed down. "JEALOUS!"

And that's how I think.

FUCCCKKKK i read what you wrote there and what has been read cannot be unread...



i do not know why but i did not get scared by that in the slightest. *shrugs sholders* probally becuase i have already been scared by "cupcakes".

well anyway if people are requesting endings then am requesting the ending i wanted in the "best outcome" ending. i do not know how it can be done (saveing both midnight and strawberry and pretty much telling the prediction of the futere to SUCK IT!!!!!) but if you decided to go with my ending i am pretty sure you can find a way.

also sounds simaler to how i think well actually it is more like this

normal mind:prefer the best possible outcome and pretty much everyone is ok

other half of mind:gigidy (pretty much wants clop storys)

and that is pretty much my mind sorry people not that interesting...

ok so is my ending possible?

I can't write 'scary scary' really, I can only write 'sexy scary'. Like I said before.

There will be a spectrum of endings. I still need to think about it for a while.

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