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End of an era (no, not mine!) · 9:21am Jun 29th, 2017

(Yes, I have seen the film trailer. This isn't about that.)

After thinking about it for a long time, I've unsubscribed from the "Buried Treasures" group here. I'm really sad about it, as it was such an interesting source of stories even if not all of them hit the spot. But there's been almost no effort in a long time to enforce its "Don't submit your own stories" rule, and without that it's no better than a self-promotion group. At best, a few fics are removed when someone actually complains, and that's not enough. I actually feel quite sad about this, but the place is becoming pretty much pointless now.

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Comments ( 4 )

The trouble is, being a mod is time-consuming. A lot of us were college students during the peak years, but now we all have full-time jobs or are looking for such, so we can't devote that much time to such things. I always hoped there would be young people reaching the right age to carry the torches, but most of the second wave are still teenagers, who are a bit too young for authoritative positions.

A completely fair point. I'm a mod too (elsewhere) so I know there's more than a little swan-swimming involved. This post is mostly just me whining rather than doing anything more constructive, since I'm sad about losing the group. I guess it's really just the same as with several other things on Fimfiction and in the fandom as a whole, and for fairly similar reasons.

That's a shame, because the idea behind the group is wonderful. But there's many a slip betwixt concept and execution.

To be fair to the group, for some time it did that job better than any other group I've seen. But the final straw came yesterday, when someone submitted a whole bunch of their own stories in one go. When that starts happening, the fics that were added legitimately get overwhelmed.

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