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  • 107 weeks
    Really should pay more attention sometimes.


    I am sporadic at looking at Equestria Daily. I regret never knowing this happened, or that I was on it. :twilightblush:

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    Stupid Thought.

    Cozy Glow was sending letters to Tartarus...how did anyone not notice that!? How did no pony read over the letter before hand to make sure it was okay for some twelve year old to be sending letters to Tirek in the first place? How did she get the address to Tartarus!? Why does it even have a address you can look up!? :twilightangry2:

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    Still up there?

    I am quite surprised, Horror Flick is still on the main page four days later and on a Saturday to boot. It is now dropping and being beaten by a story involving a, and I quote from the description 'Big Tiddy Goth Babe'.

    I am okay with this.

    Just wanted to thank everyone who read and enjoyed it. Been awhile since I did more than editing and happy to see my work is still well liked.

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    About 1/2 way done now.

    Just a small update on my existence for those wondering. Still here, but I kind of got caught up in things with real life and also lost the interest to write for a bit, which is annoying because I was ecstatic at all the new follows Complex Apartments brought in. :pinkiehappy:

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    Movie Time Approaches!

    Huzzah! Finally! After months of avoiding Derpiboroo spoilers and ignoring trailers and every spoiler plausible on Equestria Daily the time is approaching! Tomorrow I shall see this movie and be able to stop worrying about having the movie ruined.

    What I know so far:

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Screw it. · 5:14pm Jun 24th, 2017

Hi all, been a bit, but it's not completely my fault. Between college and my a/c dying I have been a bit out of it...okay, it's mainly the a/c dying, I just can't think when I feel overheated. I just played Europa Universalis and made Equestria dominate a small part of Asia and a good chunk of Africa. Kicking Byzantium's butt despite them being huge atm. The right allies in the right places and all that. :rainbowdetermined2:

So, I said I was doing the sequel to Hopes and Follies a bit over a month ago. I have waited for over a month on the cover art to be complete and despite multiple e-mails, the artist has gone into 'snail mode', or maybe his a/c is dead as well.

So, I'm releasing it now so I can get some motivation for pony and life in general going. The only major change to keep in mind that I still need to alter in the original story is that it takes place shortly after Tirek, so Twi's castle is in existence. Once I get another chapter or two done I'll start looking at the alterations for the first story.

Enjoy, and sorry for the delays!

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Oh. Cool!

Or... I guess not? Because no AC? Heh

Huh. Byzantium huge in EU? That AI must have been crazy-lucky. They always get steamrolled by the Ottomans in every game I’ve played, excepting those times when I'm them or helping them. sorry to hear about the AC troubles, heat is the worst to have to deal with.

Well, now I feel silly for commenting on the cover art on the story.

I hope you can either contact the artist or find a replacement. I also hope they have a refund policy or at least a way you can rate/review them to make your displeasure known.

If the ottomans are around, I haven't met them yet. The time period I started in had Byzantium as pretty large already, with a ton of land just East of Italy. Egypt and the Andalusian's also were around, but I consumed them. England is on top and have taken over France and parts of what would be Germany if it existed. Georgia is pretty large and my ally, and I am working on consuming more of Asia as I don't desire to go near England just yet.


Yeah, Magablackox is the artist, he did my Maud cover, though there were some issues there, but nothing like this. If he doesn't contact me soon I may just need to ask about refunding. He hasn't explained why he is taking this long, and has only contacted me at all when I prod at him.

Stonewalled or Cracks?

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